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that blog post is pretty funny!

Context received their SS12 EG stuff I guess, not online yet but it's in store. I'll be heading down there tonight to check it out, looking forward to seeing some of this stuff in person. Just wish I wasn't so broke right now.
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Originally Posted by HuggyGiraffe View Post

Hi Gary,
can you comment on the fit of the Baker Jacket in Navy cotton twill yet? Is it similar to the Wool flannel one from last winter? I'm always between M and L in EG jackets, so I thought you could give me some fit advise. I like my jackets to fit normal - not too fitted or relaxed.

I've tried on the Baker Jacket, it fits small compared to the Bedford. I usually wear, this past season at least, a size large in the Bedford. For this seasons Baker, I would have to wear an XL. I am a 42 in a Sport Jacket. The Baker is a fitted jacket. I like this jacket a lot and was very happy to see it reintroduced after its hiatus.
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Hey everyone, just a heads up- Gary will be out of the store until Tuesday. My name is Steven and I'm a sales associate at Drinkwater's. Pleasure to meet you all! If anyone needs any help regarding measurements or anything of the like, I will try my best to field any questions until he returns. Feel free to PM me.

Thanks for your patience in advance!
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Just got back from Context to check out their SS12 buys. Some great stuff this season. My favorite is the Douglas shirt and the Shooting Jacket. Both fantastic pieces. I'll actually be picking up the Douglas shirt in the khaki color, they are holding onto one for me. Casual fit, I'm usually a large in EG and I could fit a large over my Gitman oxford I was wearing but it also worked over just a t-shirt. Could have sized down to a medium if not for the chest (shoulders plenty wide, as was the stomach area). Very nice and sturdy feeling cotton fabric, lots of nice details. Wasn't real excited about this shirt from the picture, had to see it and touch it in person to really appreciate it. Shooting jacket has a fantastic fit, but it's slim. Had to size up to an XL in that one but loved the fit sized up. If I could afford it I would have picked up the navy one without hesitation.

Workshirts are fitting slim this season, slimmer than last SS I, but just by a little. Definitely more slim than FW this past season. Chambray is nice, reminds me of the fabric from a few years back. Natural colored workshirt looks amazing too. Fabric is fairly light weight, reminds me a little of a linen type fabric but with the more substantial feel of cotton (and it is 100% cotton, I checked). Even a little more slim than the chambray I though, but really a great shirt. I would probably have to size up to an XL in that one though. Didn't try on the plaid workshirt but looked really nice in person. Fabric was very light, definitely a good summer shirt. Feels slightly more substantial than the plaid workshirts from SS11 though which had a very unique lightweight fabric. They had a couple nice tab-collars as well, one in a tattersal and one in a pretty sweet floral. Not sure I could pull it off, but for those who can it's a nice shirt.
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^ Thanks for the update. What color are the patches on the navy shooting jacket?

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light brown/tan like the others. Really like the contrast on the navy one.
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Originally Posted by HuggyGiraffe View Post

Speaking of Silver & Gold....have you guys seen this tumblr yet? Pretty well written, but quite mean.

Also, absurdly long...who has the attention span to read something like that?
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They only make the shooting jacket right handed right?
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I'm sure they do...not exactly intended to be a functional shooting jacket I don't think.
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Did Context pick up the Fatigue pants?
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or the tan workshorts
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Originally Posted by slide13 View Post

I'm sure they do...not exactly intended to be a functional shooting jacket I don't think.

Yeah I know. I just like details like that as I'm left handed. Almost bought a filson one from STP when they had a huge sale, but no stock in my size
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No on the fatigue pants, and I don't think they are doing the shorts either. They are doing the Fenway pant, but I didn't see them. Not sure if they arrived yet. Wish they were doing the fatigue, really interested in those. Friend saw them at Nepenthes today and said fabric is light but substantial. Really want to see them in person before commiting to $235.
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Thanks for the report!


From what I have read we have a substantial upgrade on materials, and a down-size on the fit.


Very happy for the materiale, I'm pleased to pay more for the material improving (and I have to say that I never be disappointed with EG materials and the good price/quality balance of the product, especially compared to other brands) what I'm scared is the fits.


I am an XL on the tops, and from what you say, the y downgrade the fitting by one size...I'm worry to not find the right fit for me, XXL is probably the upgrade in size, but in this way, the sleeve risk to be very longer (in effect XL sleeve is longer for me, event if the chest is correct) so I hope to have the opportunity to try some piece before to buy.


Usually I purchase on line form the Bureau, TresBienShop, OipOlloi, cause in Italy EG is not so easy to find and also is not so easy to find good selection from the buyers, they limit the purchase only to very commercial and not too expensive pieces and avoid the most interesting (like the Shooting Jacket, or the florals, ecc.) so even if you can find something there... is not so attractive.


I think this SS will be a little more tricky for me, need to try well the items before to purchase... baldy[1].gif

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