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Engineered Garments SS12

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What better time than now to start looking forward those balmy days of Summer when the Winter chill eeks its way to the bone. Although there is nothing like layering the Parka over the Vest over the Flannel over the Henley but there is something to having barely nothing on but a single layer and a warm breeze. Well, enough romanticizing and denial of the present, so let the party begin. With one month away from the various fashion weeks, when designers showcase there inspirations, we will be sure to get sneak peeks of things to come. Workwear as a whole is not waining and boutique manufacturing in the US is gaining strength, so we should see new players in the field that compliment what EG has inspired. As always, I will assist in any way possible to obtain what you cannot find from others and we will post up our selections when the time is right.
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Trust me when I say there are a lot more floral prints this SS12.
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I'm hoping EG does the CPO shirt in cotton twill or something similar. Last spring's version used a brushed poplin fabric that just didn't feel right...kinda felt like 60/40 fabric. Either way, a new season of Engineered Garments is always exciting icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I would really like some good basic short options. I have pants covered, and same with shirts, but could really use a couple pair of good shorts. I have a pair of fatigue shorts from a few seasons back that I like but are just a bit on the short side. Another 1" of inseam and they would be perfect. A really cool and easy to wear floral pattern workshirt might be nice too.
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Moar blazers and sports inpired pants!!
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Always excited for S/S EG. From the images I've seen thus far, expect lots o' dots.
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When is drinkwaters going to put their FW11 on sale?
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Originally Posted by racknac View Post

When is drinkwaters going to put their FW11 on sale?

Traditionally, the end of January.
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Originally Posted by catchh View Post

it has started:


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I'm liking the look of SS12 so far. Seems a more buttoned up and polished EG then the previous SS season. Fits are more contained, less of that EG anit-fit I've seen in the past. Some good colors, patterns and textures going on.

Want list so far includes the red stitch chambray workshirt, navy/yellow madras workshirt, fatigue pants in khaki and navy (finally a trimmer fit fatigue pant....I've been waiting for that!), and the ghurka shorts (and maybe whatever those other shorts are that have the same pocket setup as the desert pants). More than I thought I would want from this season, the fatigue pants are a very welcome surprise.
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Tres Bien























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I'm really happy for my wallet. Seems like the only thing I might really desire (aka not yet own) are the bird-portlandia-print Gurka shorts. All the jackets have been done before (and definitely not a fan of the camo-reversible Brookline) and I've finally learned the lesson (after a few straight-to-ebay purchases) that floral shirts, as pretty as they are, are quite hard to pull off.
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You could pull off florals easily.

So far im kinda disappointed with what I've seen, a bit boring..
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nm. just saw the lookbook fistbump.gif

Shoulder hoodie rerun is good to hear + new camo colorway icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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