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What are you guys favorite colognes?
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My all-time favorite is Acqua di Parma.
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In ready-to-wear, I like Helmut Lang for Men, Dunhill Desire, and Creed Green Valley. Peace, JG
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I don't really like cologne...I'll wear Creed Erolfa, I guess, or Imperial Millesime.
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My "ace in the hole" cologne is Portfolio by Perry Ellis.  It comes in a cool silver bottle and is moderately priced.  It is a very, I guess you could say "sharp" scent that is not to musky or heavy but very masculine.  I wear that when I go out because I have NEVER met one person in my life who also wears it.  Not sure if that is is a positive or not, but I think it is. Kevin
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Gucci has always seemed to be able to put out a great scent. I wear Rush during the day and Envy for night time gatherings. I also love Givenchy Pi.
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I like Acqua di Parma as well. However, I will say one thing about AdP. The stuff does not last. The scent seems to wear out very quickly. I wear cologne rarely because I'm somewhat sensitive to fragrances in all types of products (detergents, etc.) But I've worn AdP before and liked it.
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I like Acqua di Parma as well.  However, I will say one thing about AdP.  The stuff does not last.  The scent seems to wear out very quickly.
I'll second that. ADP really does smell amazing though; it's by far my favorite scent. However, I've found it rejuvinate itself once you start to sweat a little or get hot around the collar. I've found the same with my Green Irish Tweed as well, though it lasts a bit longer. Surprisingly, my Gucci Envy seems more potent, lasting all night.
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I read something the other day about putting a drop of vanilla extract in your cologne.  
Actually, vanilla is one of the base ingredients in my favorite cologne, Le Male from Gaultier. I'm not sure about adding vanilla to colognes, but Le Male's a great scent if you're looking for vanilla.
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Daviddoff cool water is my favourite cologne as it's so fresh and the fragrance lasts for a long time.
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