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While viewing one of my favorite websites that I purchased my signature duffle from I noticed a change. LotuffandClegg changed their name to Lotuff? What happened to Clegg? After along day coming home from work on the train I searched who Clegg was. Frank Clegg is the leather craftsman behind LotuffandClegg.com. His factor is somewhere in Massachusetts. I stumbled upon his website FrankCleggLeatherworks.com and they have the same bags and more. Does anybody know what happened to the company?

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Lotuff was only working there and giving Clegg blowjobs until he had a chance to off poor Frank. Now that Lotuff took a screwdriver to Clegg's eyeballs, he thought it would be a good time to shorten the name of the place.

Quit spamming about your place, please.

( http://www.styleforum.net/t/267128/lotuff-clegg-bags )
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What are you talking about fredfred. Put it in english!

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Originally Posted by TheBeltGuy23 View Post

What are you talking about fredfred. Put it in english!

It's clearly written in English to me. He is saying, quit spamming us!
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Spamming, I've done no such thing!

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Obviously the guys think you work for leftoff or whoever and if you do your post could be seen as spamming. If you have no reelationship with the above mentioned concern, well all is good.
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He's right. Now Lotuff and Clegg's website is titled "LOTUFF", and Frank Clegg has his own website.

Maybe they had a falling out. What a shame.
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I'm sorry if I came off as spamming but I had no intention of making an argument. Thought you guys would have a creditable source that's all. Forgive me. But on that note I just bought another duffle from frankcleggleatherworks. It is very interesting its called a shrunken duffle and its quite handsome!

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