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The most hideous men's suit...

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I thought I would start a contest. You can all submit one link on this thread to what you consider to be the most hideous men's dress suit known to mortal men. After one week, I will appoint my choice as the absolute most distasteful attempt at a suit to date. Winner Receives: A page dedicated to the King of unsightly fashion (and it's discoverer) hosted on my site. The prestige that comes with knowing you found the most repulsive piece of clothing amongst the masses. Oh, and twenty dollars from yours truly (I am not kidding). Requirements: It must be a man's dress suit (both jacket and pants will be judged); no dress shirts, blazers, jump, leisure, zoot, or drum suits, please. Vintage dress suits will be accepted. The link must be submitted at or before Midnight, 11.27.02. You must have a link to an actual photo (no descriptions, please). Only one entry per person (so pick the best [or worst, as the case may be] you find). First posted entry will count as your one allowed submission; any links added after your first post will not be included in judging. This is solely a subjective decision on my part but, fortunately for you, there is nothing to lose by entering. -Update- Do to the limiting nature of the "Only Ebay" rule, I have decided to include suits outside of ebay so that we may have a wider range of ugly, so-to-speak (same rules apply for the type of submission acceptable).
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Sooooo many choices... it's a shame this contest's restricted to stuff from eBay. Here's my entry: VINTAGE 70'S DISCO PIMP YELLOW CHECK EMO SUIT. Says it all, really... In the non-eBay arena, say hello to our favorite pimp, Bishop Don Magic Juan. You can't see his trousers in the picture, but trust me, they match. Can't wait to see what everyone else digs up... Cheers, Nick.
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Any extra points if you own it yourself http://photos.imageevent.com/renwick...ersaceblue.jpg
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I am very sorry to announce that I will not be honoring this contest. I make this decision after seeing that only two people actually submitted an image. It seems my contest was not the success I had imagined it would be and I have come to the conclusion that these two entries do not constitute a contest. Thanks go out to those that submitted links. Perhaps, if such demand arises, I will post this contest again.
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