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Urgent! Where to get quality suiting fabric in Hong Kong? First Suit with Lee Baron

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Hi All!

I'm a Noob here!
I've just commissioned a 2 piece suit with P.Lee last week, however the fabric which I've chosen (VBC Super 110s, Pinstripe Navy Blue) is not available according to the fabric agent. I'm not sure if I'll be able to choose another fabric to substitute my previous choice from P.Lee's collection.

I would therefore be grateful if the Gurus in here could offer some advice/contacts of fabric wholesaler/distributors where I could purchase some quality fabrics. If I manage to find something good, I'll probably ask Peter to go ahead with a CMT.

Many Thanks!

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Just choose another fabric from this person's undoubtedly large range. That is surely not too difficult?

I cannot recall anyone on here speaking of using a an agent in HK to obtain cloth: UK and elsewhere yes, and in some cases from the Internet. Nor do I recall seeing a shop solely dealing in cloth as opposed to being a tailors with bolts of cloth on display. Maybe one of them will sell you a suit length if you are so picky about Peter Lee's stock?

What local means of finding an agent have you tried, have you even tried the 'Search' function here or have you just dived in here expecting others to do the work?
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Many Thanks GBR!

I've looked through the forum quite extensively. The most recent information that I could find was a thread by Classic Car on Fabric House in Hong Kong:


However, the companies he mentioned, Hang Hong, Kwong Hing & Long Wave don't seem to show up on Google.

About the fabric, I'm aware that there are other options available in Peter's collection, however, due to budget constraint approx, HKD 6,000 to HKD 7,000, my choice of fabrics are limited. VBC is the best that I could afford apart from his in house fabric. Anything better will be out of my budget.

Hence, I am hoping to find some distributors/agent where I could purchase the fabric of my choice and commission a CMT with Peter.
(FYI: I've also went to the Loa Hai Shing: http://www.lhshk.com.hk/ a Distributor for Scabal to check out the fabrics. The price was right but they didn't have the fabric that I was looking for.)

Appreciate any advice from Gurus here!

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You may order from Minnis. They ship super fast, like 3-4 days from UK to Asia.
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Thanks Maccimus!

I've sorted out the Wholesalers' contacts after digging through the online directories.
Just purchased a Dormeuil Amadeus - Navy Blue (Pattern: Herringbone) from one of the Wholesaler and handed the fabric over to Lee Baron.

If anyone is interested in the Wholesalers' contacts, feel free to PM me.
They carry the following fabric brands:

1. Ermenegildo Zegna
2. Dormeuil
3. Some Range of Scabal
4. Some Range of Taylor & Lodge
5. John Cooper
6. Others


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Prime could you give me the contacts of the wholesaler of those fabrics brand,thanks
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could you please provide me the contacts of your wholesaler as well? Thanks Dennis

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Dear Prime,


I am also searching for men's suit fabric dealer. Could you please forward me your list of wholesaler? That's super nice of you. Thx a lot and best


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Hi - would very much appreciate it if you could PM me the details of the wholesalers too - am in a similar situation!  Thanks

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