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Originally Posted by scottcw View Post

Has anyone gone to Glenda Pongiglione? 46 5 star reviews on Yelp - Mostly wedding dresses, etc., but a couple of reviews for men's alterations.

Glenda is awesome. She doesn't do wedding dresses anymore either.

I've taken suits, shirts, pants, everything into her. She will tell me when not to waste my time and how to do it right.

One time I needed suit sleeve shortened. She did most of it from the shoulder because of the working button holes, but in order not to mess too much with where the curvature of the elbow falls, also did half a centimeter from the sleeve.I'm not a skilled eye, but I generally can't tell where she did the work except for the old fold lines which are pressed out.

I won't use anyone else anymore.
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I've had 3 suits and 1 jacket done at Ricardo's.  I've added working cuffs on 3 jackets and they were all done very well.  Mind you it's not cheap (~ 120 to 140 together for both sleeves) but he will accommodate if you want different stitching, which I did for one jacket as I wanted the button holes to pop more.  One other thing - if you want 3 buttonholes vs 4 I'm not sure if he charges differently.  His standard is always 4 whenever a customer requests it.


He also shortened one of my jackets due to recommendation after trying it on.  The work was done well, but when I picked it up he to re-press it as the lining wasn't completely flushed.  Otherwise  the work is all pretty good.  Since the business is pretty much alterations the turnaround time is pretty fast typically.  


I also had work done with Laurel Street Cleaners as I live in San Carlos.  The tailor, Frank, also does decent work as he was able to work on a sleeve shortening from the shoulder due to working button holes (I will stay away from those for RTW forever), but as his main business is dry cleaning he has a backlog of work.  If you leave something there, prepare to wait for at least 3 weeks.   Keep in mind he doesn't do working button holes though, but he can work on waist suppression and taking in the sides to slim down a jacket.  

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Originally Posted by Girardian View Post

I went with Ricardo in Sunnyvale and it turned out well. Do not be put off by the suiting he sells ... he works on the very best clothing that people bring into him.

I should have done before and after shots, but the work is excellent. He's making a minor adjustment to the jacket now (so no pics yet) but overall, I've been pleased with his work (this involved extensive work) and he's more convenient for me than some of the tailors in SF.

Carl has retired from Oxford, but his son is doing the work now and his son worked with is father for many years in the shop. My impression (and I met with him about this job before it was done) is that Oxford is more precise with measurements -- reducing the likelihood of later adjustments, but Oxford Tailors is also more expensive than Ricardo.


 Thanks for the follow up on your alteration from Ricardo, and info on Oxford. Would be great to see your before and after shots of your Attolini jacket once completed. 


Sunnyvale is somewhat prohibitive for me given travel time as I live in the North Bay. I recently took an older cashmere Zegna SC and some Loro Piana Super 120's Tasmanian trousers that needed alterations to Andreas George in SF. Turn around was two weeks, and I was not in a rush so didn't mind. Got them back this week and everything was very well done. Granted trouser work was standard minor waist adjustment and taking in seats. Jacket was a bit more complex as he had to draw in some at the back mid-line seam. Not outrageous pricing, but no bargain either.


I called Oxford yesterday and was told Marco is away for a couple weeks now. I may go talk to him when he's back at the shop, but also considering going back to A. George as he was pleasant to work with and seemed to have a good eye for fit and appropriate adjustments needed.

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