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I think I am going to drop by Ricardo's this weekend
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I stopped by Riccardo's Tailor today and had an overall good experience.

Riccardo has a fine establishment, a giant of a store compared to my past visits to other tailors. The changing rooms are great:

  • A full body mirror on one side of the wall
  • Accommodating seat
  • Carpeted floor
  • Clean

I have been to shops that either had too big of a chair and you are left standing up to change, or tile floors that collected dust...

The storefront was very spacious with racks of clothes that I did not check out. There seemed to be a large workroom in the back, too.

Riccardo is also accomodating if you communicate with him. I had three pair of trousers that needed to be hemmed. He sized me up and finished. I had to ask for cuffs and other details like how much break I wanted. The way he showed you how much break was new for me, which I appreciate. He would turn you the side of the mirror and slowly pull up the pant leg to help you visualize. The manner in which he did all this was great. He got on the floor, hands and knees, to check the balance.

He was quick to spot that I had a dropped right hip. I forgot to ask he could cut slanted cuffs baldy[1].gif but will check on it next weekend.

For functioning jacket sleeves, Riccardo expressed he can adjust the sleeve length from the shoulder rather than the cuff, which is good to know. It is the only way he adjusts jacket sleeve lengths FWIW.

The real key is the finished work, which I will find out soon enough. I was pleased with the first impression and experience, and aside from tidbits I forgot to ask about, I think the price was fair, too.
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Any follow-up on work product? I have some pants I'd like to have altered and Ricardo's sounds like a prospect.

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I have not been out to visit any alteration tailors as of late (a lot of stuff in the closet to be worked on) but my last job was done at Ricardo's.

Ricardo has a pretty good eye. He will notice the gap at the back of your waist as well as how the pants should drape in the back i.e. no winkles or pulling in the seat and leg. The only thing is he seems not in favor for military cuffs ("slanted cuffs"). I think most guys like to have their trousers nowadays just kiss the top of their shoe, so, a slanted cuff may not be necessary to help with a clean break in the pant legs. I plan on going back to him maybe sometime by end of the year to get a few things done. I really like this store due to the spacious fitting rooms and mirrors placed throughout the store. Ricardo is a nice and easy going guy, too.

Alternatively, plenty of members here in the forum also recommend Advanced European Tailoring located in Berkeley. It is a little farther away from me so I haven't made the trip yet, but I hope to one day make some time and try it out.

Another shop I frequently visit is Cassara Brothers Clothiers in Los Altos. Very small shop compared to Ricardo's but Mario does all the measurements and alterations himself. He also still makes custom suits. Mario can alter cuffs with a slant if you wish. I wish the fitting rooms were bigger and the store more lit. It can seem a little dark at times. I will mention I have had to bring things back to have some work redone and Mario has always been receptive to make the corrections without charge. This shop also helped with the wardrobe for the movie Jobs with Ashton Kutcher.

I will also mention both Ricardo and Mario are not pushy sales men. They will look to accommodate you and give honest opinions; you will need to go in with some experience of what you typically like and the direction you want to take in the fitting. Mario is more flexible.

*I also want to mention if you ever consider taking your jacket sleeves from the shoulder, Ricardo seems to be more keen on this. I think Mario can do it but I remember asking him once and I believe he said no.
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If you are going to bother going to Los Altos you might as well consider Menlo Park.
Bob Stankovic has been my tailor for over ten years. He does very superior work
as attested by other Style Forum members. For me he has successfully done some
complicated projects like changing the shoulder line, etc. He's also a very nice guy.
Caution: Unless you specify urgency, he may be late with an alteration.

Bob Stankovic
1142 Chestnut St.
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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I can't seem to find any other anecdote besides your posts all over the forum. I may visit him.

Would you say he is "SF approved" with the jobs he has done for you?
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Oxford or Franz on Geary (across from Neimans) are both very good, expensive and take a while. This is where guys who work at Wilkes, Neimans, etc take important major work. Lots of people can do a decent cuff or take in a waist. But, if you have serious shaping to do or want hand sewn buttonholes then this is the place. A friend with an extensive Kiton wardrobe went to Oxford after he lost 20 lbs and had pants slimmed, jackets taken in, etc. they looked great and I started using Carlos (Oxford) but have been using European Tailors in Berkeley the last few years for all other basic work.
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I would add that even as good as Oxford and Franz are, if you leave it totally up to them it may vary a bit. You will get the best results if you are specific about the overall look you want. It is important to be as specific as possible and then ask their opinion. They provide a service to a wide range of clients with very different styles and tastes, and can't read your mind. If you want a more fashionable cut, then say so, but don't be disappointed if you get a more general approach unless you speak up. They will listen but be clear and you will have good results.
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I've been to Alberto's (I think on Grant Ave in SF) and had him do jacket sleeves with functioning buttons. Clean work and fast. Haven't tried him for more complicated stuff yet, but the guys at Taylor Stitch recommend him. He was a favorite of TS's former in-house tailor, Ryan, who now has his own shop Tailor's Keep.

Also, for what it's worth, TS uses Young's (sp?) in the Mission. They apparently are one of the few places that can skillfully alter ladies' stuff, too.


I believe you paid Ryan a visit recently at Tailor's Keep.
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