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I think I am going to drop by Ricardo's this weekend
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I stopped by Riccardo's Tailor today and had an overall good experience.

Riccardo has a fine establishment, a giant of a store compared to my past visits to other tailors. The changing rooms are great:

  • A full body mirror on one side of the wall
  • Accommodating seat
  • Carpeted floor
  • Clean

I have been to shops that either had too big of a chair and you are left standing up to change, or tile floors that collected dust...

The storefront was very spacious with racks of clothes that I did not check out. There seemed to be a large workroom in the back, too.

Riccardo is also accomodating if you communicate with him. I had three pair of trousers that needed to be hemmed. He sized me up and finished. I had to ask for cuffs and other details like how much break I wanted. The way he showed you how much break was new for me, which I appreciate. He would turn you the side of the mirror and slowly pull up the pant leg to help you visualize. The manner in which he did all this was great. He got on the floor, hands and knees, to check the balance.

He was quick to spot that I had a dropped right hip. I forgot to ask he could cut slanted cuffs baldy[1].gif but will check on it next weekend.

For functioning jacket sleeves, Riccardo expressed he can adjust the sleeve length from the shoulder rather than the cuff, which is good to know. It is the only way he adjusts jacket sleeve lengths FWIW.

The real key is the finished work, which I will find out soon enough. I was pleased with the first impression and experience, and aside from tidbits I forgot to ask about, I think the price was fair, too.
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