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wow, I love his framing and composition.
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There is no finer mark of a Pakistani man than a fully oiled, waxed and twirled moustache.



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working on mine as we speak redface.gif
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but you are persian, not pakistani. do the persians have this tradition as well?
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

but you are persian, not pakistani. do the persians have this tradition as well?

Shah is the expert, of course, but I'll butt in and post this image of a much-loved and celebrated Shah of Iran (19th c. I think)


Famous for being a retard, surrending shitloads of Persian territory to the Russians (Mr Moo!!!) and accepting some treaty banning Persian shipping on the Caspian Sea (I think)...aka no fishing for caviar in the Caspian!





He even poses like CDHagg!

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Miran, those meddling Slavs have been a nuisance for at least 2 centuries now !!!
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but you are persian, not pakistani. do the persians have this tradition as well?

no shortages of mustaches there either, my dear snow
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Excerpts from Bel Ami, or The History of a Scoundrel, by Guy de Maupassant. It is the touching story of a miscreant and his mustache.

After changing his five-franc piece Georges Duroy left the restaurant. He twisted his mustache in military style and cast a rapid, sweeping glance upon the diners, among whom were three saleswomen, an untidy music-teacher of uncertain age, and two women with their husbands.
On reaching the second floor, he saw another mirror, and once more slackened his pace to look at himself. He likewise paused before the third glass, twirled his mustache, took off his hat to arrange his hair, and murmured half aloud, a habit of his: "Hall mirrors are most convenient."

"She a Jewess! No, indeed! She is the prime mover in all the charitable movements at the Madeleine. She was even married by a priest. I am not sure but that M. Walter went through the form of baptism."

Georges murmured: "And—she—likes—me—"

"Yes. If you were not married I should advise you to ask for the hand of—Suzanne—would you not prefer her to Rose?"

He replied as he twisted his mustache: "Eh! the mother is not so bad!"

At first he did not reply; a smile lurked beneath his mustache; then he murmured: "I am your slave."
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post


Looks like a character from Tintin...a Emperor Ottokar of Syldavia or something...


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The lights of London are captured by ESA astronaut Andre Kuipers, from his vantage point high above the Earth on board the International Space Station. He has been capturing jaw-dropping views since he arrived on the space station in December, and tweeting them to his followers from his Twitter profile, @astro_andre.

UK and Ireland by night, with the Aurora Borealis on the horizon, on 28 March 2012

Paris by night, photographed on 6 February 2012

Northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and northern Germany) and Aurora Borealis. Captured on 10 February 2012.

ATV Edoardo Amaldi, docked with the ISS, fires its thrusters as part of the station's reboosting process, which puts the ISS back into a higher orbit. Over time, the drag forces acting on the station bring it closer to Earth, so these reboosting procedures allow it to remain in orbit for a much greater time.

Europe at night captured on 2 April 2012. In shot is the Soyuz TMA-03M module that carried André to the ISS in December 2011, and a Russian Progress freighter.

The Palm and The World islands in Dubai captured on 22 March 2012
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If Indians living in the path of the Transamazon Highway weren’t contacted (“pacified” was the term of choice) and relocated, the consequences for them would have been disastrous. Conflicts with surveying and construction crews were inevitable. So were Western diseases—measles, influenza, dysentery, malaria. Isolated people have no resistance to such diseases and first contact with Europeans frequently results in demographic losses in excess of 80 percent. After demographic collapse, many tribes simply ceased to exist as organized entities.

To ward off these horrific prospects, the Villas Boas brothers organized a crash program, carried out by highly trained sertanistas—team leaders—to establish contact and then pacify and relocate entire villages and tribes. Pacification was accomplished through the proffering of Western goods, including machetes, axes, metal pots, fishhooks, matches, mosquito netting, and clothing. The seductive appeal of such things was nearly irresistible, for each of these items can make a quantum improvement in a sylvan lifestyle. Acquisition of several or all of these goods is a transformative experience that makes contact essentially irreversible. Once a person knows such things exist, then that person and his entire community are irrevocably changed. Missionaries trying to make contact to save souls know this and exploit it to lure people into a trap of dependency. Dependency instantly demotes proud, confident, and independent people to a mendicant status that is pitiable to behold.


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This year's winner for the Pulitzer prize in Feature Photography:


Scott looks over his military service records and weeps after being told his apartment application had been turned down. The leasing manager said he couldn't allow Scott to move in because of an assault charge on his background check. Though Scott had his honorable discharge papers and his good-conduct medal, Scott said they meant nothing. 'I'm not a criminal. You would think this would be worth something. It should be. It's not, though.' (Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post - December 29, 2011)
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lola dupre



and Mandelbrot!!!!!

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Perhaps this is not avant-garde or weird or obscure...

but this woman's cover of Radiohead's "Creep" is absolutely one of the most devastatingly gorgeous things that I have heard in a very, very long time.
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I think this picture was posted here, anyone know where it's from? The photographer? TinEye gives me nothing

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