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Link to more info about that, MS007?

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Yeah I was looking at their stuff, not exactly imaging them, it's still cool any way
Can detect presence of a photon but sending an atom in a superposition of states through the dark cold chamber where a photon happily bounces without getting absorbed, and depending on the status of the atom upon exiting you know whether there was a photon in there. Or something like that anyway

ElBert the key word in your post is "consider." You're still rely on interpretation through the brain (what you called "fool our brain")

Those mit guys are real crazy or what..
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Originally Posted by MS007 View Post

Zap, you ever realized that for blinds speed of sound = speed of light?

They can timetravel.

lol what is this nonsense , what if you slapped them faster than the speed of sound ?

* * *

An over-elaborate experiment that just verifies more entanglement despite all the convolutions
Quantum Delayed Eraser Experiment (Click to show)
This group took it a step further, supposedly demonstrating entanglement across not only space but also time, between two photons that never existed cotemporally eek.gifwat (Click to show)
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that second example is pretty mindblowing. just the experiments these people come up with to test stuff are mindblowing, let alone the conclusions...

entanglement occurs almost instantaneously across any distance (linked from that story:, so I suppose it occurs across any gap of time as well. i have no idea what this means, but it's fun to think about
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Originally Posted by zapatiste View Post

lol what is this nonsense , what if you slapped them faster than the speed of sound ?

they would'nt see it coming, literally.

I think your definition of imaging is flawed.

Also, RIP Seamus Heaney

"I returned to a long strand,

the hammered curve of a bay,

and found only the secular

powers of the Atlantic thundering."

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^^ since all interactions require fields of some sort, there are suggestions that it appears instantaneous from our frames of reference but that they are just communication by reversing the arrow of time (so an electron e+ beceomes a positron e-) , the only restriction being that you can't use it to send information/signals. which is at least comforting.
Originally Posted by MS007 View Post

I think your definition of imaging is flawed.

why so ? seems like nothing more than focusing of scattered particles of whatever you choose off your target, can be done with electrons on toasters, and reconstruct the image with some math.
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ok, thats fine. But scattering matter of a single photon is what earned Haroche the nobel prize.

The problem with photons is, that they only interact with electrically charged matter. Since they are themselves not charged, you cannot scatter photons of photons (at least not classically).
It is good that it is that way, because we would not see the sun (or anything) otherwise. Photons starting of from the sun would constantly rescatter and our eye would detect an intransparent lightsoup.

You can in principle scatter electrons of photons. But photons travel with the speed of light. Hitting them in free flight is incredibly hard (we are not talking about a constant stream of light here, where you can move your hand through but a single photon).

It is also hard to store them. And there is no known way to store photons that would be highly energetic enough to survive a scattering process with an electron. Even for scattering on atoms you need highly energetic laser beams. If you cannot store the photon and cannot hit it in free flight, how can you have something scatter off a single photon and proof the photon is still there?

What one can store is a considerably less energetic microwave photon with superconducting mirrors for a tenth of a second.
It basically bounces between two supermirrors until it is absorbed.
But microwaves are not energetic enough to scatter off regular atoms.
Thats why Haroche used Rydberg atoms. These are specifically engineered atoms with their electrons on the outermost shell (Those are huge, about the size of a virus). One step further and the atom would be ionized. This is the right size to be sensitive to microwaves. He send one of those Rydberg atoms through his "photon trap", it scatters with the photon and you can measure that by the phase shift of the rydberg atom compared to one that did not go through the trap. How can you show that the photon is still there? Well you can repeat the process and see if the next Rydberg atom entering the trap also has a phase shift.

tldr: Haroche scattered Rydberg atoms off a single trapped microwave photon.
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i know , but that's the whole problem, i'll never be able to see a photon imaged and that's not comforting.

well, until i figure out how to become pure energy, that is.
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Yet there is not more to see from a living photon. At some point its a conceptional problem. You cannot smell an atom or hear a molecule, either.

If you want to see the structure of a photon you need to destroy them (look up photon structure function).
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clyfford still museum in denver. he was his own photon

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Clyfford Still museum so good highly recommended

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Hosotan (The Story of Smallpox, 1972)

Hijikata Tatsumi


nice article about Hijikata and Butoh here

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Originally Posted by MS007 View Post

this reminds me of some Gerhard Richter paintings.
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