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Celine F/W 11
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

One of my favorite collections from the last few years.

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this got me pretty verklempt

Thanks for this, it brought a lot of memories back. Don't think I can handle watching the videos at the moment.
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The Rijksmuseum

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A Sunday in Hell (En Forårsdag i Helvede) - 1976 Paris Roubaix

The full video can be seen here
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rather impressive


and some pics from the stockholm subway

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The art is cool but the bare rock is beautiful in itself. Did they just dig through the bedrock and decide to leave the walls and ceilings exposed or is it an artificial design ?

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Just exposed bedrock (well it's painted but I'm assuming that's not what you meant with artificial design)

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A Brief History of Fashion and the Beginnings of the National Audubon Society

In the late 19th century (around 1870s), large quantities of birds were being killed for their plumage to decorate women's hats. By 1886, birds were being killed at around a rate of 5 million per year for the millinery industry, and among the most popular of the feathers were the feathers of wading birds. Found abundantly in Florida, they were hunted and driven further south (the Everglades) and by the 1880s, no large populations of birds were found near any of Florida's major cities.

"The Cruelties of Fashion"

"Look ma, I got me a bird"

The Everglades, a relatively inhospitable place and generally A Bad Idea to build things in due to its proclivity of having cycles of great flooding and then dry seasons, are a prime nesting area for many of these wading birds. Tons and tons of rookeries are found here due to abundance of food and prime nesting sites so many, many species of wading birds go there in vast numbers. There are stories of people who would just go out with a shotgun, throw some rocks and shoot wildly in the air and they would easily get quite a few birds, but I can't verify if this actually happened. Anyways, when wading birds get ready for courting and breeding season, the males have absolutely beautiful plumage called mating plumage. These are the prized feathers, long, fine, vibrant, and absolutely gorgeous. Now, I'm not actually sure how many of these birds it takes to make a gnarly hat, but it's probably quite a few.

Snow Egret, Egretta thula, in breeding plumage

Great Egret, Ardea alba, in breeding plumage

Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias, one of my personal favorites. Majestic as fuck, they're huuuge

Anyways, the National Audubon Society began when the editor of Field and Stream became the leader of a movement to end the slaughter of all these birds for hats. "Membership was open to everyone refusing to wear bird feathers as ornaments and/or willing to prevent the killing of wild birds not used for food and the destruction of their eggs." In 1901, the Audubon Society successfully petitioned for the state to pass laws protecting Florida wildlife, especially the wading birds. Of course, the state wasn't in any position to enforce it, so the Audubon Society actually hired two people to be wardens of the area: two men by the name of Guy Bradley and Columbus McLeod.

Guy Bradley, who was assigned as game warden of the Everglades, was shot and killed in 1905 after confronting a man and his two sons for illegally hunting the egrets. One of the sons had already been arrested for poaching, and the father told Bradley, "You ever arrest one of my boys again, I'll kill you." Guy's body was found approximately 10 miles from the crime scene, having drifted so far after he bled to death.

Columbus McLeod disappeared and was presumed murdered in 1908.

Guy Bradley, 1870 - 1905

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Something about this picture just draws me in.
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that looks Dahli-esque King Julien
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I've spent many long days with Charlie at his home/studio talking about his life (I'm not the interviewer here).



This is the home he built from storage containers and pallets.

Some bio stuff
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Thank goodness, I've had so much on my mind lately.

If someone is born blind, and you tell that person about a color, say, red, what does he think of????

How can you watch a photon, without absorbing it ; can't just hit it with other photons to image it. I really wanna see one the way we can image atoms, this makes me anxious :-(
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Pretty sure photons are red.
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photons don't carry color, cmon guys.

Zap, you ever realized that for blinds speed of sound = speed of light?

They can timetravel.
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