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Winter Shopping in Toronto: Help Required

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Hello Everyone, 


I need suggestions, stores in particular or style for winter shopping. 

I am looking to purchase winter boots for everyday use & looking for winter jacket. 

I wear a suit everyday so I need suggestions for those two products so they can appear good with suit


Pictures & Suggestions will be much appreciated. 


Thank You 


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You didn't mention price or function of the boots and coat. If you wear a.suit everyday, get a woolen overcoat, down jackets and parkas with a suit are a crime. For that you can hold your nose and get a beater coat from Zara or H&M, Sales are happening now at both Harry Rosen and Holt's. The Rosen outlet store in Missassauga is having a sale as well. Personally, I'd check out shopthefinest and eHaberdasher as well, they had some nices ones last time I looked.

As for boots, they use waaay tOo much road salt in Toronto, so I wear beater boots to and from and change when I get in. My beater boots are from Roots, I find them a good for the price. For boots of the finer grade, I'd recommend shopping for draw boots online, shopping for dress shoes in Toronto is sad. The selection at Rosen is the biggest in town and okay at best. Maybe you will get lucky at a seasonal sale. Check out Rego at Boxing Day for AE shoes, I gotten lucky there in the past.
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I agree. Beater boots for the commute (Sorels, Red Wings, etc) and keep a few pair of nice shoes at the office.
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Ivon: appreciate your time & effort for your suggestion. For the winter coat I did come across several different  types of  winter coats here are the links let me know your opinion, still debating between a jacket that would look good with suit and keeps me warm or coat:





As for boots I am looking for high cuts without laces and easy for dress pants to tuck in my boots I found an example I am looking for something similar to these: (in the caption below pic it does say Zara but I don't they are on for purchase online website for Zara

(very first boots)


Thank You 







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'Fashion' jackets are unlikely to be made for warmth, and polyester lining usually indicates a low-quality jacket. Not worth it at those prices.
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Try Brooks Brothers?

Or, a little casual, but maybe a Krane Officer's Coat.

Both will be a lot more expensive than those Zara ones, but you will never find a sub-$300 coat that is both warm and relatively formal.

Those boots you linked are terrible.
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good selection, mostly italian styles.

zegna with some boss
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The Zara coats and boots linked look too fashion forward for a conventional downtown office in Toronto. You probably want something that goes to the knees at least, fitted, not not tight in a professional color I.e navy/grey. Good news is that overcoats can get a huge reduction in Boxing Day sales because they are a seasonal item.

My commute boots are frm Roots. How much can you spend on each item? If all you are doing is walking to the subway and then a short walk to the office, you don't need arctic survival gear. I suspect you are on the younger side so the more forward looks are appealing to you. Something ala Hugo Boss might fly for you, but personally I find them a bit too forward and the quality isn't more than passable. At sale time it might not be a bad buy.

My Roots boots are leather with their military sole, they work for me. Besides there are easy more badly dressed guys than I at Union Station than I at rush hour. The coat is an investment, it should last a long time. Choose wisely.
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Definitely knee length and a dark solid colour (instead of camel or some pattern) given your business dress code. Because of the salt and slush if you're downtown, you'll spend all night brushing and cleaning if it goes past your knee. Frankly, bite the bullet and get something that will last. I've had personal experiences with Zara or H&M. The fabric starts peeling off after a season and it looks like rubbish and it's not even warm. If you prorate the dollars, you'll just keep buying new ones (spending the labour to do it) every year and it adds up the same. If you don't want to find the perfect boot, galoshes could work as long as you're not trying to wade through snow banks.

I'm certainly not well off so I just have a house brand from Harry's but I'm happy I'm not crashing some mall store every year for a new one. I'm sure Tom's or some Harry's or Holt's outlets have ones on discount. It's not that cold now so you can probably hang on until Boxing Day with a properly lined raincoat. As I've spent time commuting and walking to work, Toronto's a great place to get heavier wool and flannels going. Waistcoasts, sweaters and cardigans are practical and gives opportunities to accessorize. If it's -30, you'll never be truly warm in business attire.
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I wear cheap boots I bought off globo (haters will hate, but $30 for a pair of warm leather beater boots is pretty good if you ask me). Going on 2 years and they've held up fine. The salt they use on roads in Canada makes nice boots a poor investment imo. 

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Thanks everyone for providing me with their input. The reason I liked zara military coat because it also made fashion statement but at the same time you guys have good opinion on the material of the coat, I have had past experience where  I did purchase pea coat but it only lasted me one year, which sucks!...

I will wait till boxing day and try my luck in finding a pea coat which could last my budget for pea coat is $400 to $500. if you guys do come across any with good material and reliable pea coat, inform me please. 

In regards to winter boots my walk is about 10 to 15 mins and I do not want to ruin my dress shoes which is why getting winter boots would be great idea but I am looking for winter boots without laces so they are easy to access and tuck my dress pants in easily!


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destiny7, sent you a PM
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My Roots boots are leather with their military sole, they work for me. Besides there are easy more badly dressed guys than I at Union Station than I at rush hour. The coat is an investment, it should last a long time. Choose wisely.[/quote]

Ivon, I have looked at the roots boots and just wanted to know how does there quality and longevity compare to others. I'd like to get some RW or 1000 miles but I'm not going to buy them here in Toronto. What boot did you get form roots pics if you have. Living in this city is not comparable to any where else, people have too much money and no style or look at the clothing and foot wear as disposable.
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I have the Stampede boot in brown, you can see pics on the site. It's just a plan USB captor boot, okay leather quality. They only cost me $150 on sale and after what I saw in that price range, it was the best buy. AE Bayfields cost twice as much. I basically wear them to and from the office and with chinos and jeans.

My expensive shoes never see streets with road salt. I think Roots is having a 50% clearance right now. I like the brand, not luxurious, but decent wearable stuff at reasonable prices.
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