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Velvet Sportcoat Opinions

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I am considering acquiring a velvet sportcoat, probably in black. I am sure this violates SF best practices and feel confident the very existence of this thread will cause many of our ilk to break out in hives. While I confess that thought brings much pleasure, it is not the primary intent behind the thread.

I would probably go with black, as I envision wearing the coat mostly at night, paired with jeans, but I will not summarily execute any thread respondents who try to argue me off of the color.

So, do any of you own one? If so, please post pics of how you wear it, or thoughts about what situations you'd wear one.
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I'm interested in hearing what people have to say about this, too. I've been thinking of getting one as an occasion piece, especially appropriate over the holidays. While I was thinking black originally, I wouldn't object to midnight blue, a very dark bottle green, or some other such shade. Thoughts?
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Why black? My hesitation on it isn't even the usual styleforum says no black rule, though. I love black as much as the next guy, probably a bit more owing to my goth years, but midnight blue is much better for whenever light hits it directly! ;)


That said, the greater crime here in most people's eyes is velvet, not the fact that it's black. So I say "Hell yeah, go ahead and rock that shit." Sounds like you're gonna be wearing it out in the evening, so to hell with it.


I'm sure a lot of my wardrobe choices would cause hives if people knew about them, too.

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I have a black Ralph Lauren Black Label velvet sport coat. I like it, but I wish it were navy and had peak lapels. Navy, purple, brown, etc... velvet looks really fancy. Look at Tom Ford's lookbooks. The velvet creates a nice vibrancy. I wouldn't wear it with Jeans though, it's kind of a more formal jacket (at least in my eyes).

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Those pictures are making me rethink everything. Yikes.
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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post

Those pictures are making me rethink everything. Yikes.

Which part? The weird poses, weird photos, and over the topness of it all? Or the sport coats themselves?
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Velvet sportcoats?

They suck in a really cool kinda way.
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Need perfect fit and you need to be in good shape - otherwise looks ridiculous IMO.
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Personally, I love them.  I have a great midnight blue Gaultier velvet sportcoat that I have had for about 5 years.  It is very versatile, easy to wear with jeans day or night.  Don't be put off by the style police, if it suits you go for it.

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here's the black label. I wouldn't wear it like he does though.

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I have an Arnold brant in dark chocolate brown, it doesn't get out much, but it's great for art gallery openings or other semi casual events, wear with jeans and a nice shirt...what the hell...
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I have a vintage one with peak lapels that is super slim fitting. wore it on a date last weekend. things went very, very well.
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Ive got a black one by Etro. Love it around the holidays.
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^ exactly. To me velvet is fun to wear to holiday festivities. Black is great. I also like bottle green. Maybe navy. Jeans are fine. Also regular dress or even tux pants if your'e doing 'creative black tie'. Definitely a louche, nightlife look which I happen to enjoy.

cool green velvet jacket worn by my fave dresser:
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