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:foo:Mr. Monty, it's a great idea but it's limited and also discriminatory in nature. Those of us who wear boots cannot show socks. Additionally, I don't want to be nagged about my sock combo. I love posting pics of shoes and will do so daily, just now I don't have to bother myself with wearing socks that bring out the subtle purple hue of my shoes or match the fabric of my trousers. But by all means, if that floats your boat, then post pics. I just couldn't be troubled to do it everyday. I doubt anyone follows the rock your socks thread for the socks anyways
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Originally Posted by sportin_life View Post

I really like how those AS look with denim. I considered a pair myself but not sure how it would match up with chinos/slacks, if at all?

I'll give it a try in the coming week. What color chino did you have in mind?

Here's your choices.

Electric blue
Off white
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AS boots look great with chinos. I once had a pair is mustard humpries boots that looked great with tan chinos
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Flex Long Wings
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Those are some wonderful chukka boots! Sorry to ask but, can you provide deeeeets?!

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This is the perfect thread for my question, is this combination of Hugo Boss dress shoes and jeans acceptable?



Thank you,



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Crappy cellphone pic....

Carmina, last Detroit, size 7.5E smile.gif
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Wait. Are we supposed to guess what the shoes are or will details be expected to be included as the footwear is posted? I suppose I can hide mine in spoiler tags for those of you who are playing along at home but for the most part, it's not going to be too hard to guess what Dig is wearing!

Monday: Allen Edmonds
Tuesday: Allen Edmonds
Wednesday: Allen Edmonds
Thursday: Allen Edmonds
Friday: Allen Edmonds
Saturday: Salvatore Ferragamo
Sunday: Florsheim or perhaps ... Allen Edmonds!
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^ laugh.gif

I'm including the shoe manufacturer just for future reference. So many pics have been posted on SF but its nearly impossible to find them through a search

RRL Canyon Boot

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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AE Niles...
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^love the clean lines
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