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I'm in the market for new luggage. I'm looking for something durable and reasonably priced. Any suggestions?
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A few months ago I bought a whole set from Samsonite. It seems like the pieces will last forever, and they're conservatively designed, so they won't go out of style for some time. I got it for a BIG discount at Century 21. Whatever you do, don't pay full price for luggage; it's too readily available at a discount.
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I have a full set of sampsonite as well. Their model is the carbon ??. They are great and have held up well for the last three years. I got my at a heavy discount when a local dept. store held a sale (bring in x amount of used clothing for Goodwill, get 30% off purchase). Mike... Century 21 was too chaotic for me a few weeks ago. Jeez is that place nuts. Pete
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ballistic nylon from samsonite, it can take a beating quite well but don't go overboard with expensive luggage, buy durable luggage that will hold up well (the luggage handlers are airports literally toss the stuff around like footballs) however, i'm finding that after a year and a quarter after having bought new samsonite, it's really starting to wear after approximately 8 overseas flights, with roughly one connection per flight so if you count your luggage is handled 3 times per leg (load onto plane, remove and load onto new plane, remove and throw onto luggage pickup rack and then repeat going home) that's 6 times per trip and a total of 48 times my luggage was thrown around - it really does look like it's been through a war zone already, very worn out on the tubing on all the edges, marked up and scratched to hell, some of the zipper tags broken right off (the zipper is still intack, just the little piece you hold on to unzip the zipper is gone) i must say, that it has yet to be pierced and thus the ballistic nylon is holding up on that front, but to look at it, you'd think i've had it kicking around for 10 years
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Has anyone ever heard of a company called Pathfinder? Their pieces are slightly less expensive than Samsonite and are supposed to be more durable. I have heard that alot of advertising inflates Samsonite prices.
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Mike... Century 21 was too chaotic for me a few weeks ago. Jeez is that place nuts.
Can't handle it? hah. That's half the fun of the place, and when you find those few items for pennies, it pays off. The one in Long Island is MUCH tamer; that's where I got the luggage.
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Hehe, On a nice relaxing day I can hang-- I went after two interviews and two trips from Soho to Midtown... plus I thought I'd walk from 60 thompson, down broadway all the way there and it started to rain. I was just tired. I'm sure I'll hit it up this summer and enjoy digging around. Pete
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I was in NYC about a month ago for an interview, and I walked from 80th street down past Canal along Broadway on the morning of the snowstorm. Then, I walked all the way back (bought myself a hat and gloves along the way though) through the upper east side and then through Central Park. The funny thing is that after so many years of living in the L.A. area, where it's not unusual to drive 10 miles just to pick up dinner, and where the supermarkets are the size of St. Peter's Basilica, Manhattan seems so cozy. Hope to live there soon.
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I've been upgrading my luggage collection recently as well - Samsonite is a great value, particularly when you can get it at big discounts. The TJ Maxx stores in my areas seem to have a lot of Samsonite at great prices (such as $89.99 for a 30" rolling suitcase); ebags.com is another good option, although a lot of the other online luggage retailers seem a little sketchy. In general, I would recommend going for function over fashion - any luggage from Prada or LV or even Tumi will be a theft magnet. I am planning to buy a Prada duffle bag, but only for use as a carry-on. I should also share this somewhat amusing article on what your luggage says about you: http://www.cyprus-mail.com/September/13/column1.htm
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I saw this set at Sam's Club. http://www.samsclub.com/eclub/viewpr...sp?item=674693
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