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Are these boots formal enough to wear with a suit?

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Dear all, I would be appreciated if you could post me your thoughts 

http://store.drmartens.co.uk/p-7035-dr-martens-drury-boot.aspx - ...Taking design ideas from sports shoes but applying them to a more formal setting, we have created our new Kensington collection which is planted on top of our slim V14 sole...

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Just because no one else has replied...

You will get no love here for suit matching because of a) composite sole, and b) open lacing. In real world-terms: yes, if you polish them up, they would actually look fine. This is attested by schoolchildren all over the UK for the last 30 years, fluctuating with the vagaries of fashion. Unless I've missed something, DMs are still a solid product, the leather will come up well with a bit of a shine, and the 'bootiness' will be well enough concealed under a pair of trousers.

But would I wear them with a suit? No. And I suspect that is what others member would say too. But this is not the real world. I furtthersuspect they are way more practical than what we are shod in most of the time. This was never what it was about.

Do keep posting so we don't think you are a DM troll.
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Not at all. They are rather like work boots and they will not upgrade to be worn with a suit.
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I'm not a troll :) TheEdwardian and GBR, your opinions are valuable for me. Thank you very much indeed.

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If you want to wear boots with a suit, get some balmoral boots or chelsea boots.
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especially for winter, i'd usually wear boots with rubber soles in them as i hate to ruin my dress shoes.

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This depends a bit on your suit. I think they could look somewhere between passable-to-good (in a rogue'ish fashion) with suits made from heavier, winter stuff: flannels, heavy wools, etc. They would probably look severely out of place with a standard weight, serious business suit.

So, if you just want them for winter use, they're a maybe. If you're thinking about them for other seasons, I'd pass.

This coming from someone who's shoe collection is mostly - and until recently, only - boots. Though I mostly wear odd jackets instead of suits.
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Dear all, once again, thank you very much. To sum up, I agree that it is acceptable to wear such kind of boots with a suits made from heavier clothes (particularly to cope with the slush in winter) 

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