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Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post

^ OH SHIT Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Goddamn, are these Moto's?

I'm looking through their site right now

Really want the monkey boots
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

ah yeah that store is sold out. Is this a limited edition model or something?

nope they`re discontinued ffffuuuu.gif
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

You guys should be taking advantage of Moto's boots though, I think I can get you them - I've heard of people on here running into problems getting them through proxy or being rejected for them, but I was over there before talking to them and they seemed willing to sell me limited quanities, at least. Mrs TOJ has a good way of talking to people. Moto's boots are about 70,000Y and they are fantastic, some of the nicest pull-on boots I've seen. I will be getting a pair for myself sometime.

Wish you could convince them to make larger sizes! They go up to size 9.5US max right?
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Sent Drew a message to buy an item at around 1am Japan time and then he did it over the phone. That's what I call service! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

and now I own raf bondage pants
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yeah we did a mise en scene KOP last night while at a bar. foo.gif
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excited to know what's available out in japan.... keep us posted on your interesting finds!
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I think beyond the obvious clothes and stuff, there's things you may not think of that are really cool here - they design everything nicely. I mean I just came from living in a place where everything was really ugly, and now I live in this country where all of the products are designed to be really cool looking.... it's actually very easy to get used to, it's easy on the soul - there is comfort in knowing that there exists a product out there to serve what needs you have or will have someday, and that they will be easy on the eyes. redface.gif

For example, perhaps you need a beautifully designed air humidifier:

a minimalist paper and pen folder:

could go on and on, but there are definitely some nicely designed things that are relevant to anybody's interests. Certainly many things here are Japanese-y, like $250 titanium chopsticks in a carry case, but yeah if you are like me and are in search of a non-ugly humidifier or something like that, this is a boon.
I think the Japanese have great offerings for men's bags too, since so many people here commute on trains and stuff and it's basically engrained for everybody to have a nice bag all the time.
Beyond the obvious streetwear brand backpacks and Yoshida Head Porter stuff that you probably know about, there are nice briefcases, messenger bags, computer bags, etc from many companies. I always found it rather difficult to find a nice work bag in America but there are plenty of nice looking ones in Japan. I see people on here all the time really frustrated and willing to spend up to $500 on a messenger bag or something, and I still don't think they end up with the exact bag they're after - the men's bag market in America seems small. You guys end up going with Saddleback, Filson, or Tumi or some other brand for a work bag, because there just aren't that many choices really. I will try to focus on those and get some featured.
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Any nice leather zip wallets, a la the TOJ ones?
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yeah, tons. I need to get out to Isetan to get a better update on these kinds of questions regarding other brands, but obviously there is CDG, doesn't Visvim make a zippered wallet? etc.
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hey Drew or anyone else, have you seen Padrone boots in person? are they any good? they're made in Japan and look pretty good in photos.
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like these? (most are sold out though)
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yeah. i like the look of the back zips. haven't seen them discussed anywhere, so other people might be interested too if the quality is good.
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Who does really good quirky jewelry in japan?
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tons of jewelry out there - a lot of it veers towards native themes, things like that, but there are other styles too. Here's several thousand pieces to keep you occupied: redface.gif
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