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jet - awesome transaction, he came to me with a specific item he needed, widely available, and I got that shipped in overnight and had it ready for shipping... and then get this, had to ship it Tuesday because Monday was a national holiday - so shipping only took something like 36 hours. Glad it got there in time.
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hey drew any suggestions for rice cookers? im planning on getting one of those fuzzy logic zojirushis, just curious if youve seen any other rice cookers you might recommend
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Rice cookers are pretty standardized by now, lol, if they have more listed functions, the better I guess - there's a breed of next-level rice cookers here in Japan that cost up to $2,000, with real stone bowls or other 'traditional' bowl materials and stuff, but below that rice cookers are all about the same in performance.

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here's some rankings for 'normal' (still nice though) JDM rice cookers:

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oh my god why are there so many $500+ rice cookers
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Wow I didn't even know any rice cookers over $200 existed.
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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post

oh my god why are there so many $500+ rice cookers

my thoughts exactly.

the zojirushis i was lookin at have pretty much what i need but theyre pretty ugly imo so i was hoping i could find something more interesting looking. that black mitubishi one looks cool but im not dropping 500+ on a rice cooker

thanks for the links drew
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yeah that black Mitsubishi is slick.
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Kokkiri or go home.
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^ icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Drew, whats is the quality like & sizing for Premiata? looking at these:
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drew, do you have any insight as to the quality of loopwheeler sweaters/hoodies compared to nike + loopwheeler sweaters/hoodies that are available here in states? is the loopwheeler better constructed/thicker when compared to the collabs they make with Nike?
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Didn't see those posts - I don't know any size things for Premiata but they're on the level of Buttero in Japan - similar prices and quality, and level of reverence. Nice boots sometimes.

LW+Nike was the same thing as LW but with a nike tag sewn on.

I got an inquiry from a guy in HK and I'm trying to track down his item and will hand deliver it in Hong Kong next Monday if I can get it - if anybody else is in Hong Kong, I am down to do some last minute proxy cops if needed. Let me know. I will be available to hand items off between Monday and Wednesday night.
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Also, due to some people not being able how to figure out what it means to proxy buy items and what the costs are - we are going to have to enact a minimum order of 10,000Y - and require that you paypal us in yen. Some people can't figure out that $100USD is not the same as 10,000Y; 10,000Y is $130.
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Could you just be my personal stylist/ proxy. I say hey I have $xxx.xx to spend, make me look awesome? I think you should seriously consider this...
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