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Ehh doesn't have to be MMM, just something sans extra distressing/weird materials/funky shapes. TBH a majority of the Guidi/Carpe/whatever else things I've seen posted are hideous to me and look handmade in a bad way. APC had a basic side zip worked that seemed OK, but heard bad things about the quality - granted it was available much cheaper (and made it to sales). I might take a chance on a random Yoox brand. If all else fails I'll give them a call.
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A gyuto would be a great place to start its pretty much equivalent to a chef's knive. Unless you already have a purpose in mind for a more specific type of knife. I've bought from before great service. I also really like these guys. I ended up getting a kurochi gyuto from them.
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Thread Starter is a lot cheaper than the list prices on Hattori's site for the KD's - crazy. Almost half if you factor in fees and shipping.
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Okie dokieee D:
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what do you think of the comme ca ism/commune brand? Looking for a slim fitting blazer + some dress shirts
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^ comme ca has always been very cheap, like H+M prices. They were doing super cheap fast fashion clothes before it even really exploded over the past decade. You usually don't find interesting design twists or high quality construction/fabrics at that price point, you gotta go a bit higher.
In my experience you can sometimes get passable dress shirts here in Japan for about 7,000Y if you look around and they're on sale, and maybe find a blazer for 25,000Y if on sale.

Did you guys see this? MacRumors on the Apple lucky bags they had here for New Year's, lol. I should've gone out and gotten one since they were putting MB Airs into some of theml. I thought SF would appreciate this because none of the MacRumors people knew/realized the bag itself is a Porter tote that is worth most of what the ticket cost.
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Can you recommend a knife for about $200 or less to fillet salmon or sharp knife to slice meat thinly ?
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UC s/s 10 water print backpack grail status!
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Ok so I had a crisis at the end of last week where I was looking for something very specific for my Arrowhead trip which is this weekend. We need sounds for the cabin since there is no stereo there and I checked out the apple store for possible dock/speaker solutions that were portable as fuck but nothing pleased my corneal palate. I found something that I wanted and realized it was only available in japan and thought how the fuck am I gonna cop this shit and have it in a week. Then it hit me, fucking Drew and Rei my transatlantic saviors who else? I shot D an email and he responded right away because well we all know dat niqqa doesn't sleep anyway and said he'd look into it. Before I knew it I had a response and an eta to him so I was ok great but can you get that shit to me by Friday (today). He said he would try since EMS basically shits all over every other courier option. Fast forward to today, Thursday mind you, and I got it so basically 3 days to Socal plus he sent me a free pair of raf pants! Nah, those are Kelvin's which he kindly combined with my package since K's a cheapskate. Plugged it in and it's exactly what I'd hoped for, can't believe this shit even came a day early. Now I got sounds wherever I'm traveling to thanks again homie.


Service - A
Communication - A
Efficiency - A
Swag - Off da charts

Now I'm looking for more shit to cop since my cop powers have been extended to the land of the rising sun.
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What's good with that speaker? Or rather, what about it can you not find in speakers in the US?
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

^ I should've gone out and gotten one since they were putting MB Airs into some of theml.

I don't see a date, but these aren't still being sold are they? That's a serious deal...
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fukubokuro are new years only thing
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I will echo all of jet's sentiments. Drew's been a pleasure to deal with and he's very helpful.
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Some posters in SF (synth, jet, etc.) are some of the best writers I've known lol
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