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It wasn't, it was something else. Might be in for a struggle trying to track it back down, but I will. It was anodized but it had joint-like corners that stuck out a bit for drop protection; apparently it was the #1 iPhone 4 case here or something, maybe the magazine's #1 pick, not sure.
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one of these?
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wasn't those, but similar premise with the materials and the tool installation...

Perhaps I can interest you in an "A Dios Homme" ? baldy[1].gif
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how much are those sweats from LW that jet posted a page back?
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The crewneck sweat is 14,700Y

not sure about the pants right now, but the pants are probably somewhere between there and the hoody price (17,850Y)
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holy fuck i don't know if sweats warrant my dropping 250 bucks on confused.gif
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i see you're new to this fashion game foo.gif
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Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace View Post

i see you're new to this fashion game foo.gif

i imagine the utility curve positing quality/comfort against price for sweat pants dropping off rapidly at around the $75 mark.

this is my individual utility curve smile.gif

sorry impolyt, not trying to discourage sales here
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Can someone post a link to a gallery of the various boots that moto has to offer? Thanks
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check out 'item' here: (some of the old seasons styles may still be available, and some are avaialble on rakuten at a slight discount as well)
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Just sent you an email about some inquiries
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Alright, Kichi Shop has been picking up some serious pace in the past few days. We are getting enquiries; requests that come with specific links have been getting purchased on the spot, and questions intended for shops or more open-ended enquiries are getting noted and will be phoned in when Rei is off work, she has been busy lately.
We in Japan are embarking on a big national holiday starting about now; small stores are going on break from now til at least the 3rd or 4th. Bigger department stores will be open but there will be the typical 30% sales and a huge crush for the Jan 1st grab bags, so it will be a mess in there. Not likely that I will be going down on Sunday.

As we get orders for different things, we are adopting a two part payment plan in general. There will be a first payment (A) of the item price (incl possible domestic delivery charges and fees (VAT, COD, delivery)) plus my commission, after which the item can be bought and delivered to me, and then a second payment (B) covers for a more exact shipping rate plus paypal fees, as I can weigh the items once I get them, and not overcharge for shipping.

The shipping schedule for all goods looks like this:

Payment A (completed prior to KICHI SHOP purchasing items in question)
a) item price plus all associated shipping and handling costs within Japan
b) 10% of item price as commission, 5% if an Isetan department store item (White Mountaineering, Attachment, N Hoolywood, etc)

Payment B (calculated and paid for after I receive your item in Japan)
d) EMS shipping (item weight plus actual box and packaging materials + rounding up 15g if packed item rings in between x90g and less than the next hundred X00g on the schedule, ie 893 g would be rounded to the 900g category to account for the weight that the EMS declaration slip adds)
e) 5% paypal fees, or zero if paid for by bank wire

After payment A is received and the item is bought, one has the option of deferring shipping with the intention of combining orders for shipping, to save on shipping costs. I can recalculate the costs once additional items are paid via payments A and received. I'll hold items up to 6 weeks from the first purchase.

As for open auctions without a BIN price - we can do these, but you should be clear about your maximum price, send it to us in advance, and then if we can't win the item, we will refund the payment immediately at auction's end. Tell us by what increments you would like to bid, and if you want to and I am available, you may set up a meeting time with me online somehow to live bid by proxy with me, and you can dictate the price increments as you wish. This depends on our schedules but it is an option. It goes without saying, but I can't pay a single yen more than you authorize me to pay in your bid plan.
Yahoo! Japan works differently than ebay - there is no time limit at the end. The auction stays live if new bids are placed within the last 5 or 10 minutes, and then 5 or 10 minutes are added and reset the clock. The auction ends when nobody else bids anymore. Thus, guaranteeing an auction win is theoretically possible, but it's a price game and you have to hold out til the end - there are no snipes or even any point in something like that in this system, it is a traditional auction system, as opposed to ebay.

Interesting items up for sale right now:

size 42 (!!!) black MMM 5-zip, MRS zips, line 4. Women's version, but unisex 42P for very small/skinny guys. Auction ends tomorrow.

Visvim Double Rider, antique models - size M and L. Between 90,000 to 120,000Y starting prices.
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added logo to OP, created by Uncontrol. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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What is the normal sale season like over there?  I would assume it's a bit different, since Christmas is the primary driver of the American and European retail market.

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Starts at New Year's, but the discounts aren't very deep- 20-30% is the norm. 50% would be a boutique saying 'we need this gone for floor space'. Most of the good stuff is gone already as well. I'm trying to run a proxy business here, lol, but I'll be honest and say that the only things I'd personally buy right now with this exchange rate would be full-retail hot pieces whenever they're available if they're rare, or used stuff on yahoo. The middling in between stuff will come up again someday at a better price, I think.
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