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+++++ the official KICHI STORE thread +++++

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Mrs TOJ and I are ready to announce a Japanese proxy service to the members of styleforum. As we are mutually interested in cooking, clothing, cars, design objects, and Japanese culture in general, it is our pleasure to be able to assist you in acquiring rare, hard to get items from Japan.

We are located in Tokyo, and have physical access to all of the stores in the Tokyo/Kanagawa/Saitama area, and can do Yahoo! Japan auctions, Mbok auctions, online shops, and more. Just ask us.

The service will be as standard - items will be paid for, add proxy fee as a percentage of item cost, add shipping (combined shipping available), add paypal fee if paying via paypal. We will accept paypal and bank wire - we will charge no fee if paying via wire. We ship via postal EMS (3-4 day worldwide delivery) unless the item can't be sent as such.

Fee schedule:
basic proxy fee, for auctions, online store buys, physical store buys: 10%. In cases where clothing items or other items can possibly be bought at a discount off tag price through our private membership discounts (department stores like Isetan offer 5% off) - we will pass the savings along to you and reduce the 10% fee accordingly - Isetan items will be 5%, and so on.

I will update this original post with suggestions and links over time. I plan to also scour the stores and markets for an assortment of goods that are one of a kind or of singular quantity, and bring them online.

our email: kichi.orders at gmail dot com

Feel free to ask questions about items, availability, item choices in this thread.


Drew and Rei (KICHI STORE)

(credits to Uncontrol for the logo design)
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here's a logo suggestion

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Sounds great. Looking forward to working with you.
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item suggestions, beyond the obvious clothes and accessories:

knives and cutlery, custom handles and finishes are often available (bone/horn/wood/wrapped handles)
plates and Asian table service - wans, rice bowls, serving plates, chopsticks and spoons, Noritake60 flatware, etc
kitchen goods - vegetable sheeters and ribbon cutters, shaving boxes, Suribachi, rice boxes, dough boxes, etc
handmade celluloid eyeglasses, ie Taihachiro, et al
personal care items, hair care items (light hair glosses and waxes, facial products, scrubbing tools, etc)
mid-century and antique Japanese design items, collectibles
leather goods, boots (Moto's, et al)
books and magazines
period-correct discontinued auto parts
used wristwatches
dry/non-perishable food items
pet goods, clothes

Just ask. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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How much would shipping be on a pair of denim? Think they're around 13 oz denim so none of that thick heavy duty stuff
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Definitely interested in knives and kitchenware, except I have no idea what to be even looking for in terms of special stuff only available in Japan
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edit: see EMS link below:

As for kitchen stuff, give me a rough idea of what kinds of things you are interested in and I can fill in the blanks with what's out there.

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This is fantastic.

Already sent an email about some japanese magazines, can see myself using this service quite a bit.
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Sent you a reply man.

Noted a few of the ever-coveted wool Bless hoodcoats on Yahoo! nowadays, they are ending at about 60,000Y, which after fees and shipping would be about $900 - so not cheap, but not expensive if you want one and can't find one, that is a 'regular price' I guess.
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Ahh links? I just wanna see them. I wanted to just throw up a shit ton of cool y! jpn stuff for people but I don't know if that would be faux pas shog[1].gif

Lots of great schneider stuff in small sizes too for dudes interestd in that stuff. I will probably try this out sometime soon, but it is difficult for me to search through the auctions
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yeah let me know how I can assist with the Japanese part, there are translators obviously but I can parse the auctions more quickly just using Japanese and booleans. Name your poison and I'll throw up some links, can do mild translations if you need any, etc.
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Yahoo! Japan has EVERYTHING though, I mean seriously it is the epitome of 'one man's trash...' - It was like 5am last night and I caught myself looking at an auction for blinker lenses and door seals for a Porsche 356A coupe last night on yahoo. I should stock some of these rarities.... icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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google chrome automatically translates the japanese and it works pretty well for the most part
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This should be your logo

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that's kimchi
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