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Originally Posted by yls2012 View Post

I agree.  I wear a half-size larger in the New Rey than in the Inca and Rain lasts. 

This is in line with what Pepe told me when we were trying to figure out my size. I take a 9 UK in C&J 341, Septieme Largeur 174 and Barker Black Lavenum (I don't know what they call the last). I scanned a tracing of my feet with outline and inline, with a 20 cm ruler on the side for size reference. With this Pepe recommended me to size up half a size on the New Ray.

While I'm on the subject, I just finished the details of my MTO order with Pepe, I'm just waiting for the invoice. Here are the details:

Collection: MTO
Style: 102374 - Split toe Norwegian derby
Last: New rey
Lasting: Hand lasted
Size: 9.5 UK
Upper Leather: Burgundy Shell Cordovan
Lining Leather: Dark green calf
Sole: Full rubber sole
Edge finishing: Matching with the uppers
Construction: GY·2 - Handwelted goodyear

Since I was going to go with the rubber sole, I made a point out of asking Pepe about where they get them from. This is his response:
Well our rubber soles, have the same design as the Dainite has, but the material is different, our is slightly softer and is more durable.
We have achieved that composite, since we were the shoe supplier for the officers of the British and French armies, whose shoes use an extra high quality rubber, extra durable, but a bit expensive.
With that experience we made a rubber sole with the same design, with a mix between the original rubber and the 'french army' rubber, to get our current rubber sole.

Thought it might be of interest to some.
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Just received my dark brown oxfords on the Olfe last today:



They are pretty much what I expected. First impression: Not quite as good quality as Carmina (leather wise anyway), and the last not as elegant, but a very very decent shoe at a great price. Maybe an eyelet or two too many, but hey...I sized up half a size from 7.5 to an 8 compared to a pair of Carminas on the rain last I bought recently. They were/are still a bit too snug ( but definately wearable). Good idea I think.
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Stef - are you saying that for the Carmina's you went down a full size but only down a half for the Olfe last?
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@lLevoosh - I went with my regular size in carmina. I should probably have gone up a half. This made me size up in meermin because the two lasts are pretty similar at least according to josé . I think he was right.
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Thanks for the reply and my fault for not being clear.

Im in North America so my understanding was that I would size down 1 size from my north american size for Meermin. Are you sugesting only a half size down for the Olfe last?

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Originally Posted by steffenbp11 View Post

Just received my dark brown oxfords on the Olfe last today: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Nice monkey you got there... And incidentally, nice shoes.
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Has anyone got pics of the tassel loafers?
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finally got round to collecting these today - unfortunately José was a bit off with his sizing advice and these are a shade too large, I think I'd be better off with a UK9. If any UK buyers are interested in these UK9.5, brand new only tried on once, for retail, let me know.
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anybody got a pair of these?

real life pics?

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in 3 months, in suede and w/ peaked heel counter.

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I may just pick these up.

$295 is hardly a big deal and they look nice.

I'm just worried about the width.
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ah i have them coming in ben last, not those ridiculously narrow lasts.


shoot an email to pepe & co and they will gladly help you figure out how your feet fit in different lasts.

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do they have anything aside from the standard "d" width?
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If you find the picture somewhere in here that has all the lasts lined up, the RTW lasts are actually listed narrow to wide.
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Originally Posted by chogall View Post

in 3 months, in suede and w/ peaked heel counter.


I tried to google it without any results; what is this?
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