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Good afternoon Sirs,



We hope you are all doing well!

We have added some new offerings to our Linea Maestro Handwelted Collection, and here is one! 

A beautiful punched cap toe in Italian Copper reverse calf on the Olfe last. 


Limited to 25 pairs. Sizes from 6.5UK to 11UK.  Learn more HERE!


Thanks for your interest & support!


- Meermin -












Meermin Mallorca Shoes -


If you need any further information or assistance please contact us at:

MTO inquiries please contact Pepe at:


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Thank god they end at 11. But an extremely sweet shoe!

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Got my snuff chukkas today (about two weeks total though first order didnt go through and I had to email pepe) and am quite satisfied. Hiro looks a lot sleeker than on dub monks and waist seems to be improved from my previous pairs. Snuff suede is ok, a bit rougher nap but still good for price paid

Two quick iPhone photos, click to enlarge

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Some real photos:

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Looks like quite a variance on the colours depending on the light in your photos. I like the snuff when it looks closer to a dark ginger colour than a sort of medium gray brown.

The copper suedes that Meermin posted are gorgeous, but what would you wear them with? Gray / charcoal suits? Dark jeans? Something else?
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I really like how those look! They shipped my pair yesterday so I should get mine next thursday or so. :)

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Got my captoe brown oxfords today, quick delivery once they were ready and I can see no faults etc, overall pretty happy, Thanks meermin! Now that I have an idea on sizes can move forward with the burgundy boot at long last.

In respect to sizes I will just say the Loake capital last in 8UK fits me but feels like I have a bit of room, could maybe even size down to a 7.5. if you are in the same boat or if the capital last is snug, id recommend a half size up as the 8 in the Hiro last is damn snug, maybe take it to the cobbler to stretch snug.
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Anyone here with a 29cm long foot had experience with Meermin's HIRO last?

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So I emailed Meermin with my measurements length is 280MM and width is 112mm. This doesn't seem right at all... I wear 9.5UK E in John Lobs and I think they said that if I got the wides (EE or F...) it would be a 9UK but they are way too long for my feet. I know I have wide feet but still. Her measurements for the AMA last were:

> L 304mm shoe sole 8,5UK - L 308mm shoe sole 9UK - L 312mm shoe
> sole 9,5UK.
> W 106mm shoe sole 8,5UK - W 108mm shoe sole 9UK - W 110mm shoe
> sole 9,5UK.
> L 286mm last(insole)8,5UK - L 290mm last(insole)9UK - L 294mm
> last(insole)9,5UK.
> W 100mm last(insole)8,5UK - W 102mm last(insole)9UK - W 104mm
> last(insole)9,5UK.
> Foot 26,8 cm 8,5UK - Foot 27,2 cm 9UK - Foot 27,6 cm

I don't know how this could be possible... I thought Meermin's were supposed to be wide shoes? I can't order a 10UK shoe, maybe I am measuring incorrectly? I am not sure what size to order and they have no idea what advice to give me... They said it's impossible for my feet to be a size 10UK in width and size 8UK in length... I must be doing something wrong...

Boots I normally wear 8UK. Shoes can vary from 8UK to 9.5UK depending on width. I was thinking of ordering an 8.5UK to go by length rather than width and hope they stretch out a bit? I have no arch in my foot, it's just a big flat bigfoot type of foot...
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^^^ it depends on your toe length and width as well. I have pretty short toes but a wider foot, the ball of my foot is usually at the widest part of the shoe, though I always have a bit of extra length in front since my toes are short. Anything less than 10UK and it gets too tight width and instep

No experience with Ama last though only hiro
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I wear UK 9 (standard width) for Crockett & Jones 348. Am I correct the Meermin OLFE would be the same number?
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I wear a 8E in AE's park avenues with 5 last feet is almost 260mm. Anyone with similar size has experience with Olfe last?

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^ The Olfe will not fit you if you are of E width.

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Originally Posted by madeinpoland View Post


Anyone here with a 29cm long foot had experience with Meermin's HIRO last?


Yes what do you need to know? You need to go MTO for sizes UK 13+

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Austerity MTO?

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