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Just received my firat pair of Meermins and I must say it was a disappointment! The suede on the left shoe seems to be damaged as it has become thready and is of lighter color than the right one!
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Originally Posted by Preparatory View Post

Just received my firat pair of Meermins and I must say it was a disappointment! The suede on the left shoe seems to be damaged as it has become thready and is of lighter color than the right one!

Same was true on my suede oxfords I bought some time ago. They said it's the norm, and quite common on most of their suede shoes, and for 160 euros, I couldn't say much.
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That is shitty QC!! I am a fan of Meermin, but this makes no sense.
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Clicking problem.
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"Pepe Albaladejo - Meermin


to me
Hi Mr ...

The difference of the different pieces of leather is due to the finishing of the Suede we have made to the shoes, maybe you don't like it at all but is not difficult to get an uniform tone using a Spray."
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What a nonsense! So to get my new pair of shoes to look alike I will have to spray them?!
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^Ridicolous answer, and even the right cap toe seems to have a flaw in the center area near stitching.

The problem isn't only the colour but also the rougher nap of the suede in that area that make the difference more evident and is the real defect.
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The QC issues Meermin has is what makes me second guess ever placing an order, but the successful MTO shoes are what keeps bringing me back. 

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People do have to realize that at the price point, I've seen as many cluster fucks. Even EG has its share of QC problem that's ignored by brand whores.
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^ That's true. They're very affordable and offer good customer service for shoes of that price point.
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It is not a question about value.. To me these shoes are worthless..
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To me I'm afraid it's a management issue.  Irregular finishes, mis-aligned toecaps and the like are going to happen everywhere now and then, but the point is what you do about it.  Sending it out to the customer is just wrong.


The problem is two-fold I think: firstly, the customer is always waiting for the shoes for a while because they carry so little stock (in a way, most of their shoes are "made to order"!).  So calling their shoes as seconds when they've already waited two months, and starting the whole train again, is a pain.  But also, as a small company I think they're falling to the temptation of sending seconds out regardless in the hope that not all customers will return the shoes, and they won't have to shell out on replacements.


Making all their shoes in China, at least partly, makes a long logistical chain to try to order for demand instead of keeping a buffer of stock, and and punting obvious seconds at customers, all says to me that they're struggling to maintain their finances and cash-flow.  Given their general courtesy, I can't think that it would just be contempt for the customer!  I fear for this company - the igent generation are making their business, but can just as quickly abandon it if they keep taking the piss.

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That turned me off to Meermin completely.

Thanks for posting that, and the absurd customer service response. They don't deserve my hard earned money.
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Originally Posted by PapaRubbery View Post

Hi all, 

MTO Update:

If your name appears below, you need to PM me with the following form, filled out appropriately:

- Full name

- Email address or Paypal address

- Shipping address

- UK sizing

- Text to be typed on the lining (Name, initials,...)

- Solid brass pegged monogram on the waist.

#3.- And also if any of them request for any of the following extras:

- Regular Meermin shoe trees: 35€(VAT incl.) = 28,93€(VAT excl.)

- Lasted shoe trees (Minimum 10-12 pairs): 75€(VAT incl.) =*61,98€(VAT excl.)

- Flushed toe caps installed: 20€(VAT incl.) = 16,53€(VAT excl.)

#4.- Shoes Pricing:

- Non EU residents: 260€(VAT excl.)

- EU residents: 330€(VAT incl.)

#5.- Shipping costs, for that group buy I will offer you guys, half price on the shipping costs, so:

- USA & Canada: 17.,5€

- Europe: 10€

- Asia: 20€

- Australia & NZ: 22,5€

- Others: ASK

(Ignore the bold, that was me from another forum)

I'm chasing the following people:

Mansfield Stake



Form filled out and sent in PM Alex. Thanks!
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