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Originally Posted by Ankor View Post

For single monk they already have burgundy olfe version in production and IMO the style looks quite elegant.


I have a burgundy austerity brogue (first group buy MTO with Meermin) and the colour is really nice. Though this will not stop me lusting for plum museum calf; I saw it in person yesterday and I'm even more excited to get both pairs (adelaide and single monk) for this group buy lol8[1].gif 


Originally Posted by chogall View Post

One of the problem with the Museum Calf MTO pattern is the lack of seam allowance at the toe cap, but its minor.


I think this is one issue I would raise with Pepe;hopefully it can be improved for the next round. However, it seems that there are concerns on the brogueing on the toe cap. I will speak with Pepe and raise these concerns with him if we do indeed go forward with the G&G design smile.gif My only issue with the Carmina design is that for lasts such as Olfe, it will look really elongated and a bit funny when it is a plain toe. But that is just my personal opinion on it.


Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

I think that the example of Meermin's suede adelaide above would be great for the plum museum calf. With the brown museum calf, the broguing highlights the quality of the leather, rather than obscuring it, and I particularly like how I think that heel counter would look in plum. The finishing on the cap on the brown museum calf could be better (as could some of the other finishing), but that's what you get at this price, and from any distance at all, the issues aren't really noticeable. I also think that going with a pattern with which Meermin is familiar should help. Just my $0.02.


I  agree with this smile.gif

Originally Posted by laufer View Post


I received my museum calf shoe but they do not fit me. If anybody is looking for Dark Brown Museum calf in Hiro last size 10 let me know.


Laufer, thats such a shame frown.gif

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Originally Posted by Joshua Lee View Post

I vote for the Carmina style.


The G&G looks nice but I don't trust Meermin to do a good looking perforated toe cap. Sorry to say, but the quality of toe caps that were shown on the brown museum calf look like shit. 


Maybe a compromise? Take the brogue style of G&G but have it punched on the upper without the cap toe, sort of similar to the shoe below.



Seconded. Putting forward a previous MTO with a clean design to show off the museum calf. I like the idea of just the perforations, showing off that it's still a wholecut. (medallion instead of toe cap)

And I believe these are the Carmina adelaides with medallion-


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For those that didn't get lasted trees, the ones from Kent Wang fit the Olfe last pretty good.
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^^Please take your ad to the B&S thread, delete everything in your post, edit/write "wrong forum", and then learn how to properly attach pictures.

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Alternatively, just send them to me; sounds like they're my size.

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Got a weird crease going on with one of my museums. Serious anticlimax frown.gif
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^^Where, mine have creased fine?
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Just from a quick try on one of them has creased just behind the toecap from the welt to about an inch and a half up. Dread to think how it'll progress with actual wear! On a positive note I brushed out the slight transit scuffs and aside from the toes being pretty dark (burnished?) They look amazing. Might also be too big tho. Feck!!
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I also got some unusual creasing and odd rippling on one side heal area. I try not to get worked up about it since leather creases. It is a crease pattern I haven't seen before though.
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Sadly I could not get the sizing right which means I will stay away from future MTO. My hat goes off to TerrorSquad for organizing all of this. I may still join the chukka order, I figure I can order half a size larger and wear it with thicker socks. Good luck with that plum museum calf I would definitely recommend that you guys avoid perforations and stick with plain toes either Carmina Adelaide or plain toe monk.

I sold my Hiros already so there is a happy ending.
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Guys that have creasing issues, post pics when you get a chance.
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Originally Posted by gyasih View Post

Guys that have creasing issues, post pics when you get a chance.





On the facing.  Think its due to pattern cutting/lasting lining.  What do you think?


p.s., only on the left, perfect on the right.

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Originally Posted by chogall View Post

On the facing.  Think its due to pattern cutting/lasting lining.  What do you think?

p.s., only on the left, perfect on the right.

I had that on the side of mine even before trying on, think leather wasn't properly stretched out? Kind of hard to see exactly but close to the center

Can't complain for 260 euros
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Could be, or it could be the improper parts of the leather hide were used.


Not a big deal for the price and it isn't visible from 3 feet away.  But then beyond certain price point or if its a bespoke pair, I would definitely demand a remake.  Yes I do expect perfection.


p.s., you can really see how they didn't have enough seam allowance at the end/edge of the toe cap.

p.s.s., the insole dimples are gone for this museum calf MTO; instead there's nail holes.  insole dimples were apparent in my previous MTO from last year about the same timeframe and very apparent in my other hand welted shoes (JLP)

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Pics of creases and toe cap
Left shoe only too! I also have the rippling

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