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Personally don't like the Carmina version ... I'd only be in if it was the G&G model.

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Originally Posted by fowler View Post

I would also prefer the Carmina version, but will get onboard with either one.

Same here

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interested in the G&G version only

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For those who aren't interested in the Carmina Adelaide, are you not liking the plain toe, or the toe shape? 


I'd prefer no cap, open to both toe shapes.

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I vote for the Carmina style.


The G&G looks nice but I don't trust Meermin to do a good looking perforated toe cap. Sorry to say, but the quality of toe caps that were shown on the brown museum calf look like shit. 


Maybe a compromise? Take the brogue style of G&G but have it punched on the upper without the cap toe, sort of similar to the shoe below.


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^ I would like the Carmina adelaide with this medallion on the toe. Leave the brogued long wings out of it. It spoils the entire aesthetics of the plum museum.

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Here are some examples of Meermin's adelaide ala G&G:






With regards to last (as some have sent emails asking which last will we go for the MTO), below is my suggestion:


Adelaide : Olfe/Hiro

Single Monk : a modified Olfe/Hiro last to make it sleeker, similar to the John Lobb Vale


So far it seems a lot of people prefer the G&G look. An adelaide in plum museum calf reminds me of the G&G St James II in cherry smile.gif

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I proposed the Carmina adelaide version as the clean toe will highlight the museum calf biggrin.gif It may also help that Pepe's grandfather is the founder of Carmina;maybe he can seek some advise on executing the style.

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What size should I get? I wear Alden 9E in barrie last.
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Originally Posted by PapaRubbery View Post

Hi all,


Can you check with Pepe about ordering the belt alone? Thanks!
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I'd be in for the G&G version.

Any chance of doing it on the Ben?
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I like G&G version but unfortunately I have the same style shoes from CJ& Westbroune. I would be in for Carmina version. Do we consider New Rey last? I do support to have the Plum Museum Calf bet as well.

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Why people seek to get something G&G with Meermin MTO? That must break Pepe's heart.

Is this similar to 'hermes' effect?
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cool that you guys managed another round of museum calf. My next order with Meermin will will probably be an MTO suede punch cap on the Ama last. Just received a pair of classics, and they fit like a glove...
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