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Originally Posted by Win545 View Post

Yes, that was when i bought last year. The price should still be the same.
Thanks so much. Seems much cheaper. I believe the VAT is 22% in Spain. Is their store collection the same as their online collection?
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Originally Posted by gbandi View Post

Thanks so much. Seems much cheaper. I believe the VAT is 22% in Spain. Is their store collection the same as their online collection?

pretty much the same or even more than their website, some leftover discontinued model or GMTO. But i think you should email to reserve your size first so if they dont stock your size, they can make it in time.

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Hi, guys, I'm pretty set on picking up a pair of suede Chelsea boots and I was wondering about the sizing. 

So currently, my sizing is as follows: 


Allen Edmonds 65 Last - Size 10.5C US - Park Avenues, Strand, etc. 

Red Wing Boots - Iron Ranger - Size 10D US, occasionally 10.5D US for chukkas 

Sneakers - Common Projects, Nike, etc. - Size 11 US 


Which size should I go with for the Rapello Suede Chelsea Boots? I already have a pair of Country Calf Boots from Meermin in 9.5UK, but I have to wear my thickest Darn Tough socks for them to fit snug, otherwise, they're a bit loose. 

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hey guys!


can you please help me! I have meermin Oxfords, last Hiro size  44 EU ( 105mm width, 296mm height) and they fits me perfectly.Currently I am looking for new loafers - last Ron.Should I buy size like Oxfords 44EU (100mm width, 300mm height) or I need to go with different size?


Thank you a lot guy for help!


All best from Croatia!

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love these things.  <2weeks between ordering and receipt in Oz. recommended

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Hello Everyone,

Quick question about Meermin comparative sizing :

I wear a US 10.5 in the AE strand and I was about to order a UK 10 for the Elton last.

Should I order a UK 9.5 instead? What do you suggest?
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Hey everyone - I'm interested in proposing a new group MTO with Meermin, but from what I've heard it sounds like going through the standard channels might be a fruitless endeavor. Should I reach out to SF'ers that have previously worked with Pepe? Should I gauge interest on the forum and then make a proposal with xx number of interested parties?

For reference I'm thinking of proposing their Norwegian split-toe in a new, gray-ish dark brown suede (I find their current dark brown a bit flat and unexciting).

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Hi all,


I have two questions that I couldn't find the answer to after searching this thread, which specifically pertain to the 101513 in chestnut antique calf:


(1) Is the Olfe last narrower in the toes than the following shoe?




I'm wearing the Grenson Matthew (207 last, F fitting) in the pictures above, which has a much too rounded toe for my liking--it looks stubby and inelegant, to me. So I'm hoping that the 101513 on the Olfe last is sleeker, more elegant, and more tapered at the toe.


(2) Could someone describe the chestnut antique calf color?


From the pictures I have seen (and from the name itself!), this color seems to be a reddish-brown, as opposed to a tan. I keep hoping that it's basically tan, but I just don't think that's the case. If it is more of a reddish-brown and not tan, does it match well with blue or navy slacks?


Thanks immensely! Hoping to pick up my very first pear of Goodyear-welted shoes.


(I'm also cross-shopping the Carmina 80105 on the Simpson last, so please excuse my cross-post in the Carmina thread.)

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Originally Posted by jcohen26 View Post

So I ordered the correct size and on top of that decided to order the Snuff Suede Chelsea's. I've been craving for a nice pair of Chelsea's for a while and they look really awesome. I'll make sure to post some pics once I get them in hand so you guys can see.


Would you be able to post some pictures/a review of the Chelsea's? 

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Just receive my pair of Meermin boots. I am quite happy and will post some pictures, but before i am curious what do you guys think about this thing here:




Is it something wrong with leather? Bad quality? Or it does not matter for longevity?

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I would say it is not a concern.

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It's a crease at worst. Probably from shipping.
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Good to know, thanks!


So I am really impressed with these Meermins, especially boots, they look much better than on their website. Both shoes look really solid, can't find anything to complain about. Yes, there are  minor irregularities, but I think it would not be realistic to have 'perfect' shoe for this price of 180€ and 220€. Belt looks 10/10, all the minor details are perfect, but we will see how it wears. Also probably gonna put rubber toppies on my leather sole brogues.

The only thing is i am little unimpressed with Olfe last, which looks much better in the pictures. In real life it looks pretty much identical to Hiro last to me, just a tad wider. Here are the pictures straight out of the box:



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sometimes poor QC also appears in more expensive shoes as well.

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Originally Posted by urban View Post

sometimes poor QC also appears in more expensive shoes as well.

yes, but it might not necessarily be poor QC. I mean Meermin shoes are not expensive, so they cannot just discard or fix every single shoe which show some imperfections - that costs money.

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