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Does anyone have pics of the Rui Wingtip boots from their GMTO? I recall someone saying they've received theirs from the earlier batch of GTMOs. Cheers

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Saw how quickly those longwings were going and went for it.  Really, really hoping I nailed the sizing.  

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I got a reply from Meermin, anyone else wondering about the GMTO for the dark brown monks on the park last, we'll get them shipped by the end of this month.

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I wonder if this shell is actually dyed, or they paint the dye on like they did with the Argentinian stuff?  Hard to tell from the pics, but it looks better...


Must keep an eye on the GMTOs.

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Placed an order for the cordovan boots.  To be honest i thought they would have sold out as fast as the long wings.  I wonder if meermin has any other cordovan make-ups up their sleeves.

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Yeah I'm sick I missed those, would like a shell balmoral boot.

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