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I wear suede in New England.  And I vouch for the beauty of Meermin's suede offerings. I got a pair with the studded rubber sole.  Haven't worn them in inclement weather yet, but I probably would.

Thanks 2ghouls. What would you use as a protectant?

I use the Collonil spray protector and have no problems with suede at all, dont know what all the fuss is about regarding suede its just as good in bad weather as calf !!
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Fwiw if u see a shoe u like but not in the colour, try asking Pepe ... Ive had some good luck getting shoes shown in brown in black.
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Received my black cap toes today, and WOW; I already love them.

First impressions:
Everything was perfect when it arrived, even the smell. The leathers feels good, but only time will shoe how it wears, and I'll update my posts after some wear with new photos and a second review.

These are size 7.
I'm a UK 7 in C&J 348 (Lowndes) which fit close to perfect. I would say these fit quite snug atm, but will after a while end up close to the 348.
I also have a pair of AE FA 5 last in US 8 which are a bit on the large side and I need a thin insole for a good, but not perfect fit.

They're undergoing some conditioning over the night before they're being polished tomorrow, almost can't wait!







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Thanks for sharing, Christian B.  Hiro last?

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Was my pleasure.
Yes, that is correct.
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Congrats on your captoes. I've got the same model, in the same last and even the same size, and so far it's aging well :)


I'm still surprised at how sturdy the soles are. I usually wear the toes on my soles quite fast, but these are taking quite a beating.

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Looks good, thanks for the great photos. Really impressive what they can offer at such a low price!
I'm hoping to receive my Single Monks on Monday. I'm really looking forward to it because that will be my third, and hopefully final pair of Meermin. The first pair I received were the suede wholecuts. Unfortunately they were too small and the outsole was seperated from the welt. I exchanged them for the penny loafer, but those were also a bit too tight, and I didn't really like the model. So now I'm in the process of exchanging them for the suede single monks.
Haven't heard anything from Sandro yet about the shipment of the single monks, but I'm sure he's just very busy since he has always been a pleasure to deal with. Otherwise I'll just have to wait a little bit longer.
I would definitely recommend Meermin, not just because of the great quality you get for the price, but also because of the great support you get. It is really nice to be in direct contact with someone when ordering shoes, definitely with these people! I really hope they can keep this up.
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Christian B, you are killing me!! I should place my order on pair of dark brown soon...

great pick up!! enjoy!!!
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Christian B, thank you for the photos.  I have an exact same pair coming my way in about one week.  Can't wait! 

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Look very nice! Impressive for the price.

Waiting for my first Meermin's, dub monk in dark brown suede. Planned delivery Tuesday coming week.

So Christian, I did not follow your age advice biggrin.gif
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And the eagle has landed.  Size UK8.5


Fit is near perfect on the Hiro last, kudos to Pepe.  The pictures on their website do no justice to these shoes.  Good quality leather, hidden seam stitching.  A little bit of what looks like dried glue overlooked near the welt area.  I could not be happier, other than having to wait for my monks which are coming separately.


Like Christian, these are going for conditioning and a polish on the weekend before making their debut.


Bad iPhone pic of a beautiful shoe:



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Would someone mind confirming the Meermin MTO process for me?

The shoes in the classic range on the Meermin site look a lot 'plainer/simpler' compared to the photos in the thread. In that I mean the colour and the style of the shoe.

Is this because you went the MTO option and you got to pick the colour/last etc? And is it an extra €50 over the classic range €150 to customise your shoe?

I emailed Pepe regarding this but I was a little unsure on the response.

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Mail from Pepe:

3.- Let me introduce our different ranges:

- Classic Collection: Hand Lasted, GY-1 (Goodyear Machine welted): 120€-160€
- Linea Maestro Goodyear: Hand lasted, GY-2 (Hand-sewn goodyear welted): 250€-270€
- Linea Maestro 'Norvegesse': Hand lasted, Hand-sewn Norvegesse Construction: 350€-370€
- Linea Maestro Shell Cordovan: Hand lasted, GY-1(Goodyear Machine welted): 290€

Leathers used:

- Classic Collection: Rapello Suede (Charles F Stead - England), Boxcalf Spanish leathers, Nantes grain - Annonay (Tannerie d'Annonay - France), Pebody grain - England
- Linea Maestro Collection: French Naturcalf (Tannerie d'Annonay - France), Black Freudenberg Calf (Weinheimer Leder - Germany), Sacpa Calf(Italy), Janus Calf Suede (Charles F Stead - England), Shell Cordovan from Argentina, Stingray.

- Crocodile - Coming soon.

4.- Let me give you the general details of MTO process:

The MTO service allow our customers to specify:

Upper leather
Lining leather
Sole option: (Single/double leather channeled sole or Full rubber sole)
Sole finishing
Edge finishing
Construction(Hand sewn goodyear, partial norvegesse + wooden pegs on the waist or full norvegesse)

- The leathers available for the 'Linea Maestro' MTO, at the moment are:

- Naturcalf from Tannerie d'Anonnay(France): Dark brown, Light brown(Cuero), Burgundy.
- Freudenberg Calf from Weinheimer Leder(Germany): Black
- Janus Calf Suede from C.F.Stead(England): Dark Brown, Black
- Shell Cordovan(Argentina): Dark brown, Burdeos, Light brown(Cuero), Black
- Stingray*: Black, Navy, Purple, Orange, Green, Brown, Burgundy.

*[Some styles may not be produced in all of the stingray colors, due to the size of the hides]

- Lining options available: Dark brown, Light brown, Orange, Dark green, Navy or Black.

- Custom text (Name/initials/...) on the 'window' made on the lining.

- Edge finishing: Matching with upper, natural, a contrasting color,...

- 'Planta Paloma' finishing options: Possibility of choosing the two different colors for the sole finishing.

- If we have to make a 'new' last (new width) (Because currently we don't have, produced, different widths for our lasts) the cost for the MTO is 70€ over the regular price of the shoe (250€ for hand-sewn goodyear and 350€ for the norvegesse pairs).
- If we can use a standard last, the cost for the MTO is 50€ over the regular price of the shoe (250€ for hand-sewn goodyear and 350€ for the norvegesse pairs).

- All the prices given above are for Calf and Suede leathers.
- Shell Cordovan base price is 290€ + MTO costs.
- Stingray pairs are 250€ above the base price.

- Usually the production time for the MTO's is about 10-12 weeks.

[Note that MTO process allow our customers to choose any style (Classic Collection or Linea Maestro) but constructed and finished to our Linea Maestro standards (Leather, constructions, finishing,...), because of that the starting price is the one of the Linea Maestro and not the one for the Classic Collection.]
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And no, few of the shoes here is MTO after what I've read. Mine for example is not MTO, but pictures in natural lightning often looks better than artificial and gives a nice depth to leather.
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Originally Posted by Christian B View Post

And no, few of the shoes here is MTO after what I've read. Mine for example is not MTO, but pictures in natural lightning often looks better than artificial and gives a nice depth to leather.

Thanks for the information.

I gathered that the leather must look better in natural light because the leather in the Meermin pictures looks 'dull'. I don't know what it is but some of the leather colours in people's pictures actually makes my mouth water!!

Just regarding the different lines, do you see any real benefits in going outside the Classic line then? I'm not a hard-core shoe person; I'm just quality shoes which look different to the rubbish most guys in Australia wear.
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