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Design a shoe

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Will be in Italy again in March for shoe show and thought I would see if I could get everyone here to play shoe buyer. If you could design one shoe to make your fortune with what would it be? Style/material/detail/sole trim/colors/etc. Or, what is your favorite one style in your wardrobe? What are you saving up to have done for you? From reading around here a bit, I am guessing some sort of splittoe style would be the run away favorite.
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My ultimate shoe? That's a tough one. I like different styles, and I'm a bit eccentric in my tastes. But I do also understand that every wardrobe needs conventional staples. I'll design this shoe as though I already have the basics, and my sneakers. This would be the fancy shoe I wear with casual, distressed clothing for that rock star look I much love. I'd want it to be a lace up, probably in black crocodile, with a pointed V toe and some shiny steel hardware covering the tip and back. That's it. I've kind of taken some inspiration from some shoes Helmut Lang has out this summer, and just added my personal touches. That's my ultimate shoe.
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Oh, there's no way that I can choose just one. I gravitate toward split-toe shoes, but I also have a thing for half-brogue and full brogue bals and for various flavors of monk-straps. My favorite leathers are in the range from tan to a deep cognac or some species of brown suede. I like channelled leather soles cut fairly close to the upper with brown edge-staining and wheeling over the welt stitching. Widely extended soles and Norwegian construction generally aren't for me, although I do sometimes make exceptions. Of course, you probably shouldn't pay any attention to my preferences since they seem to be shared by so little of the shoe-buying population. Edit: Forgot to mention: can't get enough of square toe shoes. Think Edward Green 808 or Gravati 640 rather than Kenneth Cole, though.
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