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Don't get a really nice bag for lawschool.  Get something with lots of space, a comfortable shoulder strap and a handle.  You will likely be dragging 2-3 books and a laptop home at night with you to get ready for the next day's classes, and you need a convenient way to carry all that. 


The bag you showed is really made for courtroom work - i.e. lots of paper, but not necessarily books.

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Just get one of these.

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You're going to look like a gunner.

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Congratulations on making it to Uppsala University! I'm studying law there right now and I can say that there is not alot of law students using either a briefcase or a backpack. Actually, like 8/10 including me are using a nylon messenger bag which we get for free from a Swedish business law firm on the annual employment market exhibition. It's not the most beautiful thing but it does its job. It's big and pretty sturdy and you dont have to worry about loosing it or damaging it. Like already mentioned, you'll be carrying alot of bags so make sure you get a bag with lots of space. WIth a briefcase like that you'll definately stand out, get a more sober briefcase with a shoulderstrap in that case. But I vote for a messenger bag in canvas or leather. Me myself is thinking about upgrading my cheap-ass nylon bag to a filson canvas messenger bag.
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I think one of the issues here, which applies to my own advice, is that books for law school in common law countries are huge and heavy. Like dictionaries. Not necessarily the case elsewhere.


That said , if the daily load in your school bag is anything over 6 kilos then you want a backpack. Trust me. Siatica hurts.

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At my law school i tend to see these:


1) free law school backpack given out at orientation

2) filson canvas bags, or similar like Ernest Alexander

3) rugged leather messengers, like saddleback leather

4) Timbuk2, manhattan portage, Chrome messenger bags.

5) Northface backpacks

6) other

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