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I'm in the middle 43L which is impossible to find. Sometimes 42L is too small for me. 44L is more often than not too big for me and too long. The sweet spot is hard to find and usually sold a 42L which looks like a 42S.

Try Euro sizes. I think 56L should be about 1/3-size smaller than 44L (and 54L a smidge larger than 42L). I know Euro 50L is approximately 39L, because they fit me really well. Of course this also means you'll need to find a European brand that you like.

My ultimate solution for being tall and thin was to go custom, though.
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Originally Posted by Seros22 View Post

I'm a fairly regular size and most suits have always fit me 'well', but when I took the plunge and purchased a made to measure / bespoke suit, it completely changed my opinion on how a suit should fit. They're amazingly good. 

If you choose well it's the kind of thing you collect and pass down to your kids. I know I wish my old man had done this. 

And as Jeff says - You need to choose well. Shoulders are the thing you need to look for. They need to be masters at creating soft well structured shoulders. 

Well i used to get high end OTR brioni, kiton, attolini etc mostly from ebay or on here and they all fit be wonderfully with little alteration, but i took the plunge first with Mina from NSM then with edwin from steed. No doubt that these are (Steed especially) my best fitting suits, however im now back to high end OTR after getting a MTO (essentially RTW that is ordered for you) from Tom Ford. When it arrived at the store they just did some minor alterations like finishing the sleeves, taking the side in just a bit and getting the pants hemmed and i have to say it fits me almost just as well as my bespoke stuff maybe even a bit better than my NSM suit, approaching but not quite at the level of steed though. My point is dont discount OTR so quickly if you find a brand that works for you then you are good. Sure the steed suit fits better and cost less than the TF but its a difference between 1 week or 4-6 weeks (because it was ordered) and somewhere closer to a year for the bespoke i mean i only required 1 fitting with edwin but the process still took at least 6 months.
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