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^^ color-wise def would want a dark red/burgundy on the top of my list

others I would like:
-bottle green

no tan, something about tan corduroy makes me ill

I've priced out corduroy before and the price would stay in the current range
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ditto on the burgundy cords. oh, and on a scale of 1 to 10, what are the chances that you'll ever make a shawl collar blazer? i'm thinking herringbone tweed...
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^^ I already do a shawl collar on my "varsity" jacket, and i've always wanted to do a shawl collar jacket, so on a scale of 1-10 I'd say an optimistic 9 for the fall
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Has anyone ordered any of the new navy fabrics yet? I really want to see what they're like outside of a swatch (which all look pretty much the same on my screen, which doesn't aid my indecision).
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Originally Posted by winston View Post
Has anyone ordered any of the new navy fabrics yet? I really want to see what they're like outside of a swatch (which all look pretty much the same on my screen, which doesn't aid my indecision).

I should have my navy flannel within the next fortnight. Pics to follow.
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The burgandy cords sound awesome. If they come out in time for this fall I will def order them.
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Just wanted to chime in and echo previous praise for Jason. I just placed my second order (for pants only) with him and it was an excellent experience and he was great in putting up with all of my requests.
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Originally Posted by JustinW View Post
I should have my navy flannel within the next fortnight. Pics to follow.

It arrived ... and it's even nicer than I had hoped for! The flannel has a lovely texture and weight, drapes perfectly and is a very attractive blue. Perfect jacket fabric (I got a 3 button house-cut with hacking pockets). I prolly won't get a chance to have it pressed till later next week, so pics will have to wait till then.
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How much am I looking at if I want a suit with an extra pair of trousers?
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I wanted drop some props on Jason and Thick as Thieves. I met with him about a month ago for measurements and to discuss some options and fabrics for my first TaT suit. Yes, it is very hard to decide on one. Jason was an absolute pleasure to work with and not to mention just an all around cool guy. He is very knowledgeable, as I picked up some great advice while chatting with him. I can't believe people go shopping all day at department stores all over their respective cities for a suit, when an option like TaT is available. Even non-SF civilians, i.e. my friends and colleagues who hate to shop, really would love a service like this. I will be recommending TaT to them. Anyway, I received notice that my TaT suit is in route, and wanted to pass on props to Jason and TaT. I anxiously await my first suit.
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I've been thinking about TaT for a suit for YEARS now...but had a bad experience with another MtM suit place...I've tried searching the forum for a thread dedicated to TaT pics only...not just what their site there one...if not, def should start one up. *I think sifting through the comments is a pain, but it looks like this is the thread for that *Edit
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My one button petrol blue peak lapel is on the way, will post pics. I suspect this will be the ultimate lounge lizard meets rocker clubbing suit. =P
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This is my first post, and in a round-a-bout way Jason is responsible for me finding the forum, so I find it appropriate to make my first comment/post here.

I'm a relatively thin guy who has a hard time finding clothes that "fit" properly. I'm 6' 150lbs and like clothes to fit closely. I was given a suit from Brooks Brothers about three years ago. The fabric and construction are great, but no amount of tailoring since has augmented it enough to where I feel that it fits. For the past few years I've been looking for a suit that was slim fitting, that didn't feel like I was swimming in material.

Through quite a bit of googling I ran across some other forums that eventually lead me to Thick as Thieves. After some correspondence with Jason, I pulled the trigger on a conservative cut suit. This was in the middle of June, and I received the suit this past Saturday.

I was so stoked/excited/elated when the USPS came to my door. I've been talking about suits with friends for years, but never owned one that felt amazing or felt like an extension of myself. Well, Jason didn't disappoint by any means. The suit fits like a glove. The construction is amazing; there is no other word to describe it. Jason's attention to detail is well thought out and very meticulous (the vents under the arms are fantastic).

Jason is a super informative and really easy to work with. There were a few items Jason pointed out regarding my measurements. He mentioned my sleeves seemed a bit short. I had recently been measured for a tux, so I decided to keep the measurement. He accommodated, but recommended I get non-functional sleeves in case I needed them to be let out (Two weeks later I pick up the tux and the sleeves are a bit short, hah). He was right, and I really appreciate the fact that he pointed it out immediately and made it possible for me to remedy the situation easily.

I really couldn't be happier with the suit. I finally get a style that feels like it fits my personality, and how I want to dress, but have not been able to do so before. I ran it past my father, who has been a die hard Brooks Brothers proponent since before I was born, and he just laughed and told me how perfectly it fit me. I believe he now understands why his style doesn't work on me, and that slim fitting clothes are great when done properly.

The jacket is at my tailor getting the sleeves let out but when I pick it up I will post some photos.

My apologies for being long winded and rambly. I look forward to reading through more threads in the forum and taking part where necessary.

Feel free to shoot many questions/emails/what have you regarding my TaT experience.

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Originally Posted by Kent Wang View Post
Kent Wang marcella shirt (will be offering these soon) Beau Ties bow tie Kent Wang silk jacquard paisley pocket square Kent Wang onyx studs and cuff links Alden 925
Retaken on the day of the wedding:
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^^^ very nice Kent!
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