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Originally Posted by Warren G. View Post
what shoes are those?

ndc boots i picked up in japan.

Originally Posted by Viktri View Post
braidkid: Are you comfortable? The jacket is pulling heavily at the waist and you look hunched over.

yes, i'd say i'm comfortable. I'm definately not used to wearing a suit so maybe it comes through in the pic.

I think ultimately the chest measurement is .5-1" too small. I made the mistake of measuring my chest while sitting down and slightly hunched over.
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Jason, is the button point the same for both one- and two-button jackets?
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^^ no they're slightly different
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
^^ I just got in my 2 samples, they fit great (for a size M), specs are spot on

I need to wash them and wear just to see if there's anything that needs tweeking. then they need to be graded to sizes. so probably mid-end of nov, realistically

here's the specs for size Med off top of my head

15.25 neck
17" across shoulder
20.5" pit-pit
18.5" across stomach
29" length
35" sleeves (iirc, will have to double check)

white pinpoint fabric with 2" collars, 1.5" back collar. MoP buttons (neck and 2 sleeve buttons in grey, white otherwise). Pretty simple and minimalist. no pockets, yokes or anything

Count me in for those exact measurements!! How much?
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I was admiring your personal style on the "what are you wearing today thread" but I had no idea that thick as thieves was your business. I have to say GS that I'm really impressed with the quality of your suits and the direction your business is going. Your selection of fabrics is pretty formidable especially considering the prices of your MTMers. Just a quick question do you currently have labels that say "TAT for [insert name here]. I think that'd be a really good touch. Keep up the excellent work. I'll be regularly checking the fabric section of your website. How often do you plan on updating it?
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I think there's too much waist suppression there... It's overall slim everywhere as it is. I think the tight waist means that as you move, the chest will bow out. try opening the buttons and then see if the lapels lay flat, you might see what I mean. For future, I like short jackets, but I still think you could have had another inch longer and still been 'short'/sleek.

Originally Posted by braidkid View Post
Finally got my suit back from the tailor. They took in the waist a bit and hemmed the trousers. I think it may still bow a bit around the lapel but nothing too bad. The shirt sleeves are a bit too long.

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Except for the shirt sleeves, I think it looks pretty damn good.
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I'm going to post pics of my one-button, black-on-black tonal stripe TaT suit this arvo, but here are a few pics of the one-button dark brown herringbone jacket. I am thrilled with the fit and quality and will definitely be ordering more goodies from TaT!!
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Great fit and great look!
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145 pages and no one makes mention of how difficult the wait is ... I placed my order 2 weeks ago and I can't wait for my new suits to arrive. And pictures like those above only make me more impatient. Thanks again to Jason for making the ordering process so easy!!
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I ordered my suit on 9/15/08 and received it on 10/3/08 - a little less than 3 weeks.

The suit is exceptional and I have my second order pending. Once we get the fit as close to perfect as possible, I will be ordering 3-4 more suits.

Jason is tremendous to work with and will bend over backwards to help.
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And here's my new bag of fruit:
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Great fit on both the suit and the jacket. ^
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and horrifically knotted tie.
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Jason wants to make me poor...That varsity jacket is AMAZING.
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