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Very nice, GS. Congrats
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Looking good GS. Good luck with your bizness.
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if i ever buy a suit, it will be from you jason. good work.
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thanks guys!

this project is in a lot of ways like an old school punk rock band...where it's a lot of DIY.... all the packaging (tags, promo sheets, care sheets etc) I made myself using equipment at work. I think you'll find the entire presentation to be very professional once you get your product. *now hoping it fits*
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I just find that when an entirely new browser window pops-up, it distracts from the website. Besides, the photos are on a white background, it isn't too appealing. Maybe an iframe or something along those lines could be used for the image gallery.
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right on Knuck...I'm feeling you on the white background. once everything is up I'll go back and fine tune things...
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FWIW I HATE forced popup window websites. I much prefer controlling the site rather than having it launch a separate window
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ok cool...i called my friend who built it and asked him to revise the 'showroom' so the full size images stays in that window with a "back" button to return to thumbs. not sure when that'll get changed but it's on his plate now.
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I think the About page needs a grammar/capitalization/punctuation overhaul. A little TOO DIY. Your forumspeak is blending with your businessspeak.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't get any pop up windows. Even if there was a pop-up, I use Firefox and just open in a new tab.

I like the site - very simple, and too the point. No flash. Colours are OK... they don't wow me, but they don't make me gag either.

Anyway, now thinking about what combinations I want. Kinda leaning towards a dark grey 3B, navy 2B, and glen plaid (brown, not the taupe) 1B or 2B. Notch lapel on all (no love for the peaks here). Ticket pockets on all, except the 3B. Honestly, that 3B is soooo tight man. I'm loving it even more than the 1B.
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thanks man

i use firefox at home too so the popup issue didnt occur to me much, but I use IE at work and i can see the annoyance of it.
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well even w/ a tab, the point I am making is to keep the images within the website, but I think you understood that.
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Love the pics there mate.

The suits you're doing are exactly what I'm after.
I work freelance from home so I just wear jeans & a shirt - no need to dress up. But I "enjoy" dressing up when I go out (as far as I can/know how to). And the stuff you're doing is exactly what I'm looking for. And the price is excellent.

I dunno if I can wear it as good as you can, but I'll be buying at least one suit to find out.
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The only problem I see with all of this is that I need to buy some new dress shoes, fitted dress shirts, and 3" ties.... son of a bitch. Oh well, that stuff needed serious upgrading anyway... I have poor university student shite that needs to get tossed out. How much would an extra pair of slacks to go with each suit cost? Or a pair of slacks on their own? When is the target date for your shirts/sweaters launch? Oh, and with the custom option, would it be possible to lengthen the jacket by an extra 1-1.5"? They are fine as they are now, but just to make them a tad more "businessy".
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Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque
How much would an extra pair of slacks to go with each suit cost? Or a pair of slacks on their own? When is the target date for your shirts/sweaters launch?

I can easily lengthen the jacket body

Here's my dilemma on only selling trousers....I would have to sell them for around $150, which *to me* doesnt sound like a good deal, whereas I think $400 ($500 retail) for the entire suit *is* a good deal. Now extra trousers if you buy a suit I could sell for $100, which is a modest surcharge over my cost

shirts....I'm trying to source some decent fabric (which I think I may have found finally). I made a prototype that was ok, but still need to work on the collar area, but the body turned out good. soon as I find a good maker. I used to buy knitwear from this one local fellow that made 1940s cableknit sweater repros and the quality was really good so I wanted to use his source, but he's in prison for some shit or another so I have to find different resources, but this is one area i *really* want to get into, as it will be more affordable daily wear items for someone that can't swing the suit. (and I want to make my own cardigans that I cant readily find)
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
I can easily lengthen the jacket body

Awesome, this was my one reservation. I can't wait to see your shirts too. Any plans on extending your customization options to other parts of the line?
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