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ignorant question:

in the suit Lel posted, what are the "front darts" or the lines on each front panel of the jacket where it looks like you took it in called? Do all your jackets have these? I showed my ex-girlfriend a picture and she said she had only seen those on women's suits.
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yea those are the front darts (2 lines that go up to chest from the pockets). nearly all jackets have them, unless they are what's called a "sack" jacket (undarted). The front darts are what give a jacket its curved shape
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hah, i didn't even think to look at my own suits and, sure enough, they're there.
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I don't know how I missed this. My suit collection was attacked by moths and basically destroyed except for one suit and my tuxedo.

I gotta find someone who can take my measurements and get one of TaT's 3-button suits!
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This is my first post so hi everybody!

I got my second TaT suit last tuesday and it fits almost perfectly. I wish I could post pics, but I don't have camera right now, but I will at next weekend. Anyway, I have some questions in my mind and I thought it's better to ask them here:

- Jason, is it possible to have a suit made with patch pockets?
- In one button suit, where the button is placed vertically? Perhaps where the waist is narrowest, which means slightly lower than 2 buttons top button?
- Can you do more open quarters? (A pic would be nice here, but mine are very similar to Lel's: the lower button is covered by the cloth.)

I'm going to order my next suit as soon as my ideas are locked. I'm thinking light herringbone tweed, patch pockets, 2" cuffs, and maybe one button cut with notch lapels. Fit was almost there with my second suit - I have to change only trouser's waistband measurement, which I specified a touch too tight - but I would like to try a different style. I especially think that a lower button stance and open quarters would suit me better.

BTW, are you going to offer more fabrics any time soon? I would like to have a couple more tweed suits and if not PoW then something other check kind of thing like window panel (or is it pane?). And then I may have to buy a versatile navy suit, so how is the Indian made wool? Is it as nice as those English wools?

That's all so far, I guess - thanks for the answers!

And sorry for my bad English, I'm not native speaker.
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Cheers Ollie

to answer real quick before heading out....

-yea I have a patch pocket w/flap available...I normally put them on the sack jacket but they can be put on a normal jacket too

-on the one button, it's placed in between the 2 buttons on a 2 button, but closer to the top button

-yes more open quarters can be done...I actually get more requests for a closed quarters, but I think opening them up more look really good. gives it an aggressive look to it

-herringbone idea sounds good. If you need to take out the waistband you can easily alter it larger.

-(website needs updating)....I replaced the Indian made wool with a British made navy year round weight. It's a bit nicer fabric, same price. I can get a tweed that is a navy flecked tweed with a red windowpane overcheck. The sample I have of it is really cool, shoot me an email and I can scan it for you.
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Pic is a bit dark...
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
I can get a tweed that is a navy flecked tweed with a red windowpane overcheck.

This sounds really cool.
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Water - the suit looks fantastic, i'm saving up for one at the moment after seeing all the great examples on here. The tweed does sound really interesting.
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Thanks. Jason did a real nice job with it. He was probably sick of my endless questions but the customer service was great.

I had my mind stuck on a 60s Savile Row look, which he completely understood.

I was nervous during my wait for the suit to arrive as I was afraid I might have botched a measurement but I am happy with the end result. A few minor changes for my next order but, like Lel mentioned earlier in the thread, they are just nitpicks.
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Looks really good water. Jason: Do you still have all my nitpicky details on file? That new tweed sounds really interesting.
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Yes that fabric sounds really nice. I also like that brown glen plaid -- is it still available?

And I forgot to mention that I hope you will offer an overcoat for next winter. I would definitely buy one. I also love the idea of DB suit, but I'm probably not going to buy one soon because I have to buy the basics first.

Water's suit looks nice although I would prefer slimmer trousers (or looser jacket).
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I just ordered a one button suit made out from the new tweed. I decided to go with the usual flap pockets with this fabric and moderately opened quarters. Changed only waistband to little bigger and sleeves 1/4" longer. Now it will probably be just perfect.
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in light of all the db threads in the fashion forum, i'd like to +1 other's calls in this thread for a TaT db. i'd like to see a prototype.
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Yea my version of a DB will def be in the works...I've had the idea for mine over a year and never did anything with it since no one seemed interested in a DB

it's going to be based on a early/mid 60s style that I have a bunch of photos of being worn...high buttoning DB with narrow placement of the button rows, probably only 4" apart. The prototype will be made based on this concept, just havent figured out how many buttons, but I'm thinking of a 1x2 and a 2x4 for starters. This jacket will definitely not be a work friendly piece and I am not planning on deviating to make it so.
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