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Thick as Thieves ONLINE

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Thick as Thieves

let me know what you think of the overall site layout, navigation. I'm sure things will change to make it better, but this'll work for now.

next week, should have some fabric scans uploaded

this month hopefully the official order form will work tho for you guys you can just PM with questions, requests here.
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Props for getting this up and running

Very Rat Pack, a wearable and I am sure much more affordable alternative to Thom Browne. The models are ugly as hell but what can you do
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ACE! Congratulations - looks good!
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Originally Posted by edmorel
Props for getting this up and running

Very Rat Pack, a wearable and I am sure much more affordable alternative to Thom Browne. The models are ugly as hell but what can you do

Especially that bloke with the sunglasses and the dog. Fire his ugly arse

Looking really good so far Jason. Do you want to make a dedicated thread on sizing, faric, et.c. questions (maybe J. could sticky it or something) or should we ask any such questions in this or the other thread?
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Typefaces are pretty boring. "los angeles" text on top of every page is too close in color to the background. Arrow border for navigation box is cute. Arrows for page titles, not so cute. My favorite, though, is the silhouetted jumping man. Overall, pretty good. These are just nitpicks, if you care about such things. At this stage, you may be better off concentrating on the clothes and less about the website.
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I'll sticky this for the time being. If Jason wants the sticky removed, I will do so.
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Looks good. One suggestion is about the'd be alot better if it didn't popup an entire new browser window..maybe just a popup 640x480 size, but not a new browser..
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Very impressive debut.

To produce a full canvassed suit at your price point is a feat. Nice styling on the one button. The three button I'm still figuring out.

As you evolve the site, note that you wear your suits more tightly than your partner or many other people. Note the way the button pulls across the chest, for ex. I think that to most people, his appears to fit better and may better represent the brand.
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LAG, thanks for the sticky

Kent...the "los angeles" was intended to be in the back, not so upfront. I like simple plain fonts too!

Knuck...the new browser idea was mine, only because that's usually how I like sites to operate when I'm surfing. If it's found to be really annoying then it could change

mack, yea I like to wear my stuff on the tighter side, just a personal pref. If I don't see the slight pull at the button I feel like it's too loose, but again, just *my* preference. Kevin's suit does fit more normal, so you do get to see a tighter fit along with a more relaxed fit.
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Ed, i thought my momma beat all the ugly outta me, but there was still some left
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BTW, what is the price point?
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retail: $500 for a customized option suit with inseam/sleeves finished to size and functional cuff buttons

$450 for a rtw (which I currently don't have as the first batch are at Camden Lock)

For SFers the price is $400 for custom and free shipping anywhere

I don't make a whole lot on each, but as long as I dont lose $ I'm cool
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i'd like to see some pics of the tall guy wearing a 3 button.

you really look sharp in the 1 button, but its hard to tell if its possible to pull the 3 button off in a business environment from that pic. i think the jacket might be too short. regardless, i think both styles are impressive.
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It would be nice to see a 360 deg perspective like the new Context website has. Wouldn't imagine it would be difficult to implement and I think it gives a great holistic view of the fit. Otherwise, site looks great, will probably be throwing some business your way.
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one more thing that will be up next week are the suits on a hanger so you can get a plain, simplified view of it without the nuances of it being worn, so you have both to help you figure out if this is right for you

i only made a 3 button sample for myself. originally I wasnt going to do a 3 button for a while but some friends and a band really wanted a 'typical' 3 button suit so I went ahead and developed it. so no 3 button for the tall guy to show you.

cheers for the nice comments!
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