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Wardrobe Ideas?

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I am updating my wardrobe over the holiday season. I am getting some dark jeans to wear with sport shirts, a pair of light brown/chestnut boots that'll go nicely with them (I already have other dress shoes), and a few argyle/cardigan sweaters to go with the collared shirts I'll be getting. I am also getting a new suit, so don't recommend that. When the Spring sales come I am going to get a few pairs of pants---a lighter pair of khakis for with my brown boots and some other slacks.


My question is...what'll go well with these outfits? I don't want to ALWAYS walk around with the same slacks/collared shirt/sweater ensemble...


Don't suggest "hoodies", but I am open to layering.


First post. I apologize if I am doing anything wrong.

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Welcome to Styleforum.
Are you wearing sport coats? Coloured fun socks perhaps? Pants in different colours and textures?
Do you live in a climate that requires winter clothing? If so, having a selection of soft briefcases, messenger bags, hats, scarves and gloves will create interest in your daily combinations.
If you would share the following information it will help us to help you better.
Age | Budget | Location | Lifestyle Needs (example: I work in an office and occasionally go for drinks after work with friends/workmates)
A few photos of your existing wardrobe will help us help you.
Lay out your pants on your bed and take a photo.Do the same for your shirts, belts and also arrange all your shoes & boots on the floor in a row and take a photo.
This way we can see basically what you are starting with and can make suggestions that will be useful to your needs.
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This is a vague question. Do I have it right that you're asking what will go with "jeans + shirt + sweater"? You need to be a lot more specific if you're going to create a thread like this,
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Just get a copy of GQ or Esquire and flip through it, they always think people cant dress. Anyways, you lost me real quick there, so I just stopped trying to figure out what you were asking.
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you should also consider where and when or for what occasion you're wearing the ensemble, in that way, layering or mixing/matching would not be an issue.

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