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Originally Posted by Roguls View Post

Robert last, brogue cap toe, balmoral boot. Double leather soul.
Cognac cordovan.
Like these.

yes, i like these boots, bring them back, they are perfect


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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

Closeup of the lacing on my Grenson Masterpiece boots:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

As you can see, the hooks are less obtrusive to comparable boots like Alden. Metal eyelets also look good.

hooks look the same to me

if dark red is #4 or #6, I might have to be in on this...just hope I can get my width figured out in these
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So how are going to do this? Kgmessier did this for a special Alden makeup and the process went pretty well. He let the forum go for a certain amount of time with suggestions then created a google spreadsheet where we voted.
Like Namor, I'm down for a balmoral boot, preferrably in shell. Speedhooks are must with this type of footwear though.
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My preferences:

Shell Color: Dark Cognac
Style: Captoe (no preference between captoe and punch captoe)
Outsole: No Preference
Eyelets: Speed hooks
Last: Robert
Welt: Flat

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One thing that has not been discussed for the boot is # of eyelets/ height. Are you just planning on doing same height as the model boot floating around? Seems to high to me.
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Did a 30 second search for info on the Robert last and didn't immediately see what I was looking for. Can someone compare this to the Plaza or Grant from Alden? It looks pretty narrow to me in the pic posted a page back.
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

I can set one up for the Balmoral boot. Options will be color, and sole. Do we all agree on the last (Robert) and speedhooks (almost a necessity)?

Generally in agreement here on the balmoral boot, pending not being too shocked at the price (I'm preparing myself...) Going to reiterate my interest in the straight tip. Getting sizing figured out is also a concern for me. As with most out there, no opportunity to try anything in Carmina on and don't own any already.

And I may have missed it, but I don't see a Robert last on the Carmina website. I do however, like the shape of the boot in the photos that Namor's posted.

Finally, seem to recall that 8 shoes/boots is the minimum order needed. Don't want to make things too difficult, but perhaps there's the possibility of satisfying different tastes if enough of a quorum develops on each side of the straight/perf cap or the leather/Dainate sole divide. Admittedly even those to features could split up a group enough to return us to straight majority preference.
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I imagine their suede is equally impressive, so that's why I was pushing that or chamois. Something different and unique.

We might as well push the envelope on something unique that Mike might not otherwise do without a built in preorder list, i.e. dark red or navy shell, navy oiled nubuck, chamois, etc.

re non-shell— I totally agree. While calfskin may be awesome, I'm sure Mike's got this covered. Still on board for some unique suede or oiled nubuck kind makeup. Personally, I'd be looking for a casual summer shoe.
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some sizing info on Robert last:
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Thanks Namor. I had read the info in the second link but the other two were useful. Think I and down with with this.
What say we give it another day or so for others to chime in and then start compiling a list?
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I could get behind some variation of this instantly.


Uetam String Loafer in Cuero Ante Suede. The Armoury is slangin these at apx. $490.
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I would also suggest perhaps the Adelaide for our shoe...Looks amazing.
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Another thread here at SF with some details on sizing:
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