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Epaulet x Carmina MTO - Page 231

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Originally Posted by gaseousclay View Post

in that case, Carmina should come out with something similar to the Saint Crispin's 523



Really, if you took the Carmina version above and just got rid of the cap punches, and adelaide brogeuing in lieu of plain stitching, it would be pretty similar to this model already.  Slightly different, obviously, but pretty similar. 

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Originally Posted by runningfrog View Post

Wow...I'd be up for MTO style using this burnished scotchgrain calf. Anyone interested in a captoe, PTB, or double monk?

I would love PTB in this scotchgrain.  Also like PTB in shell cordovan.

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   i'd be all over the hand tinted scotchgrain in the Carmina wholecut


Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

I've got more photos to show, but the other thing that I really liked was a hand-tinted scotchgrain...


   or THIS without the toe medallion

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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

And for the Carmina 3-eye Hatchgrain chukka, how do you guys like this shape (on the Rain last)

I've just purchased exactly this style in Barcelona shop - 3 eyelet chukka on Rain in snuff suede. Could post live pic later.
Looks quite nice and dressy, but I think for perfect hatch grain autumn boot I would prefer less pointy / more rounded last ( forest / soller smth) + dainite sole.
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Originally Posted by SoGent View Post

   i'd be all over the hand tinted scotchgrain in the Carmina wholecut

mmm, i'd probably be down for a wholecut in the burnished scotchgrain.
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I think the u cap MTO should just rip off Vass completely. I wouldn't want a toe medallion.

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carmina_h_h_phila_894_img_n.pngBURGUNDY SHELL..

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Originally Posted by hanoiboy View Post


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Apologies for being late to the party, but does anyone know how I can get my grubby mitts (er, feets) on (in) a pair of black scotchgrain balmoral epaulet x carmina boots, in US 9.5, medium width? Is it too late to order these? Many thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

5) I'm just waiting on final confirmation that Carmina can make a version of the WWII John Lobb style, and then I'm going to go ape with Photoshop mockups and ideas for it!

Since the WWII JL is a go will we get to see mockups this week (not that I really need to see one as I know I am ordering at least one of the versions)?
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Can we get some hump day mock-ups?  I need something fun to look forward to while I am here in Scranton, PA...

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looks like Mike is busy putting up some new MTOs...the JL WWII in Hatch Grain is up...hopefully the Burnished Scotchgrain and Cordovan options will follow...

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I already own two perf captoe boots but I don't think I will be able to resist a cordovan version of this boot
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A lighter shade of Cognac or Chestnut shell for the WWII jumper please..  

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If i missed an old mto, can I still order one from that MTO (because carmina has the production experience from the previous order) or do I have to go through the whole group thing again
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