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Epaulet x Carmina MTO - Page 136

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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

I'm really sorry - I was definitely expecting these in that last shipment, especially given all the Midnight Calf that we received. All that the packing list showed was midnight calf and "rain" last, which ended up being the single monks rather than the boots.
Carmina's closed this week, but I've already got an email in to them for status. I'm meeting with them in person next week as well, so I'll definitely get that sorted. I imagine that they'll be in the next delivery - along with the Grey Suede Steinbecks that are still outstanding. We'll definitely offer you guys a discount on the balance payment because they slipped into the next season.

Thanks - Does this mean the Chocolate Jodhpur's won't be here for another 2 shipments?


On a happier note biggrin.gif the new shipment has some sweet stuff!

Thanks for all the work mike!
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Will the austerity bal boot be on the Forest last?
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Originally Posted by CHRK33 View Post

Hey Mike, most importantly, Merry Christmas.
Any chance that you would consider doing the Jumper boot style that NYI has been rocking hard in Ruby shell? I would be all over that.

Mike, any thought re: Ruby Jumper boot?
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Is there interest in doing something like a plain toe pebble grain shoe?
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omg omg OMG!!!

these two MTOs came out amazing. my crappy iphone pics don't do them justice. don't sleep on the next round of pre-orders. you NEED python and ruby! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

Is there interest in doing something like a plain toe pebble grain shoe?


You mean like this one?



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I would love a nice 3 eyelet derby on either the rain or the simpson. In either caramel or brown calfskin. I guess that's kind of boring, but I'd love a shoe like that in my rotation. It seems to me that it would be really versatile.

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so much win on this page. not sure if i should laugh or cry
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I love the pythons, but I dont know if I could pull them off. They are sick as shit though
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I'm totally sold on the pythons, as soon as I get confirmation that they can be shipped direct from carmina I'll be signing up. Heading to skoab today, hopefully I can try out the queens and rain lasts. Didn't think I'd be ordering any more shoes for a while, but these pics are kinda twisting my arm. shog[1].gif

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Originally Posted by justinkapur View Post

I love the pythons, but I dont know if I could pull them off. They are sick as shit though

Check out wj4s pics from a few pages back. They are definitely more pulloffable than one might think.

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Wasn't there talk some time back about navy pythons?

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I was hoping for the pebblegrain to be more pronounced like this:


Not sure if Carmina offers such style.
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^ Aren't those Spoo's G&G stingrays?


I've seen the Thompson in person, and the pebblegrain is pretty pronounced! Not trying to sell you on it, just my impression. I'm a scotch grain kind of person myself, anyway.

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I saw the Thompson in person last week. The grain is quite pronounced. I liked them quite a bit in the store (they're more striking than they appear online). Also not trying to sell anyone on them, just a point of information.
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