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Originally Posted by kiya View Post

No problem at all. Ask anybody that owns one. If you're near one of our stores you should drop in and see them, anybody that's felt one in person instantly recognizes the difference in feel from a BR or RM one.

However, they seem to be out of stock in your online store...?
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Did you check Merz B. Schwanen? LN-CC carries the brand as the quality is unbeatable. Still, you're probably looking for something a bit heavier...
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Left Field NYC
Around $120.

ColumbiaKnit for $85, made in the US


Don't have either of these, maybe someone can attest to their quality?

EG is known for their quality although their sweatshirts can be hard to track down

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those ColumbiaKnits look nice for the price, I want to try them. I hate to say it, because I absolutely love EG stuff in general, but their sweats have never really done much for me. Don't quite seem in the same league as W+H or the Japanese brands that have been discussed here. Some people do really seem to like them though so maybe I'm just missing something.
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Originally Posted by JDelage View Post

However, they seem to be out of stock in your online store...?

Restock is coming next week.
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I bought this one from Heritage Research. Be warned though it fits short so tall thin guys would probably want to size up

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I own the gray Columbiaknit and I love it. I had a slimmer one from Jack Spade that I wore for a while, but everything about the Columbiaknit one is better and for an awesome price. I also have a navy zip-up hoodie from Velva Sheen that is really REALLY awesome as well. I think Hickoree's stocks their regular sweatshirts too.
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Tried on an Our Legacy crewneck sweat at Stels. The fabric is magical without a doubt. softer than any towel lined number I've ever seen.
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I like Left Field
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I have a Buzz Rickson and a Cushman. Both are very nice.

Has anyone touched the Stussy Deluxe one? It looks quite nice.

Not sure where it's made, though.

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Cushmans are awesome!! And tons of colors. I think that at this point in time though, they are only sold in Japan. John Lofgren at the Speedway Shop will hook you up with anything you need however.

I picked up a couple of the Norse Projects Vorm pocket sweats this year. Nice, basic colors. And the loop terry pattern is pretty unique. Woodlands has a couple left I think.

+1 on the Left Field sweats as well. I made the mistake of wearing one to a party this weekend. I was about 20 degrees warmer than I wanted to be. It's a very thick shirt!
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Cushman > BR smile.gif
I also like Toy's McCoy's sweats very much too, the prints on them are amazing if you're into that sort of thing!
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I was looking for an old-school-style sweatshirt with the V-stitch on the neck, so I picked up the ColumbiaKnit because the price, styling, and fit based on online measurements was right.

The good: I got a small, and its sizing works great for me--fits like a sweatshirt should, unrestricted movement without stretching. If I sized down from here I think it'd be restricting sometimes.

The really nice brands either had an oversized p2p and/or sleeves too short for my body. The Real McCoy one came closest and sounds amazing, but $250 for a sweatshirt that wasn't going to be optimal anyway? Well, I'm balking.

The bad: It turns out to be 93/7 cotton/poly--Archival's site doesn't specify--but I was hoping for 100% cotton. The fabric is not uncomfortable, but not like a kitten or in any way outstanding out of the gate. We'll see what a wash does to it.

it's good, not amazing. It's a pity that there isn't a all cotton or cotton/wool blend or something all natural that's turned up with a fit like this.
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Probably The Real McCoy's. Really want to buy one but the price is just too high for me. But I'm more than happy with the sweatshirts from Our Legacy. 

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I'm vouching for Buzz Rickson. I got one years ago and it just gets better with age.
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