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sites like lookbook/sartorialist

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hey i am looking for sites like sartorialist and look book but more for pictures of mens fashion

i really like street ettiquette


all my searches pointed to this site as being great

and while there is a lot of posts being made i dont see many stylish photos, if there are photos its of suits (which i dont wear much since im younger) and all the advice on where to buy things turns out to be expensive

(was interested in shoes, got some brands, looked them up $480 lol)


ill still stay here, it surely will be useful for advice

but now i just want to look at photos and get inspired

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Have a look around on tumblr and sites like that. You'll find plenty of mens fashion blogs like street etiquette...

Here are some examples - Maybe you'll like some:

I know, some of them are users of this forum, as well.

As for the expensive shoes: Have a look at "Floris van Bommel". I really like the look and the fit of those and they are not as pricy as most other shoes posted here.
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