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Just bought a loofah

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A real one. These are seriously fucking amazing, I'm pissed I haven't used one til now. Thinking about getting the loofah stick too so I can get my whole back.

I use the same one on my face as I do on my body because I'm gross.

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I have used one. feelsgoodman.jpg

I don't own one but would use my girlfriends sometimes. I like them when you have a little sunburn, great for exfoliating.
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You shouldn't use a loofah for your face, because the loofah is too coarse and may cause breakouts.
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I never understood people who cant reach their backs. I've always been able to do it with ease.

There is a word for it, but I once had this accessory that was made of woven horse hair. It was in the form of a mitt. It was great. I think it was called a Keese or Keesa, something like that. They were used in Turkish spas. I always loved to start the week off with time in the sauna, then finish by buffing my skin out with that.
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I need one to really feel clean. I recommend replacing them fairly often though because the excessive moisture can cause bacteria to grow on them.
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I'm assuming you're talking about a natural loofah as opposed to a nylon one? I've always wanted to try one but I keep buying the nylon ones for some reason.

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The Polyester Nylon Japanese Salux Cloth is amazing as well.
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