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So with the lack of winter were having so far. What is you initial impression with how worm they are and how dry they are keeping your feet. I'm local like you so I just want to know, you went to VM how was there service? I bought some wolverine pull on boots there, and they got me the boots but new nothing about what they are selling. These look like the right place to start with my addiction at least for now and the price is right.

I actually bought them online from the US Bass Pro since it wasn't available in store. I'd say they take around a week to break in and are wonderfully comfortable now. I still haven't conditioned them so they are getting a few scuffs on the toe boxes and there are creases but so far so good.
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That's good to know the break in is quick but shitty on the not being in store ill have to go and have a look just for the hell of it. Thanks for the response.
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Will post a few one month-ish pics soon prior to cleaning off the salt and grime from waking outdoors etc.



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Some crappy iPhone pics (colour is not accurate):
















Haven't decided what protectant I want to use yet. However, for the record, I have not had water seep in, either from rain, slush, snow or puddles on the ground, so it's fairly water resistant for walking around. If I was slugging through a wet field for long periods of time, I can see my feet getting soaked, but for around the town pursuits, work environments they work great. I am wearing some Kirkland merino hikers which provide the right amount of cushioning IMO.



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They Look great don't down play the iPhone shots. So they have all this colour and darkening from just wear and no conditioning or mink oil. I have to say they look like a good start.
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Here are better quality pics:













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Just got some Lexol cleaner, will do them up for a wedding reception tomorrow. Going with light khaki chinos and a light blue striped shirt. These round the outfit perfectly.



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Left: What happens after a good bout with Lexol and Obenauf's.

Right: Poor dirty, dried out and creased to hell boots, think I need some shoe trees...






Slight burnishing on the toes, probably will lighten up after some wear, a true chocolate brown IMO.


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I have to get a pair of steel toes for work, but I can't decide between the chocolate and the Rodeo tan.
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Rodeo Tan

Chocolate Brown

I wear a size 13, typically I wear Jeans or British Khaki colored canvas pants when I need to go out in the "field"

It is SUPER DUSTY where I live, so the rodeo tan is almost an exact match to the color of the dust they will be covered in, but I typically prefer darker colored boots. I currently am wearing dark brown Thorogood Moc toes with the white wedge in a chocolate brown that looks very similar to the chippewas chocolate, so the Rodeo Tan would be a different color than anything I already have.
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Tough decision for me too.  Finally settled on a pair in chocolate brown.

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my chocolate pair got dried out as I'd worn it through rains, I guess it's time for some conditioning treatment but I still don't know what to use, so any advise everyone ? biggrin.gif
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I typically brush the boots clean, condition them with Lexol, allow it to dry, and then follow up with Obenauf's or SnoSeal.

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I've got a pair in the Rodeo Tan as my work boots. Picked up on Amazon for $100 after my Red Wing Work Chukkas finally gave the ghost after 5 years of bar/restaurant work. The Rodeo Tan is quite a bit darker than the various online pics, and darken up considerably after some wear and a few coats of Obenauf's LP. As for waterproofness, mine haven't leaked on me yet. I work in a high volume bar, and there is water and citrus EVERYWHERE. The soles are nice and grippy, and with some LP, they seem to be damn near water proof.
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I wear 9D for all my dress shoes. My 8.5D Red Wing GT's fit great with my athletic socks and tight with the really thick socks. I want to get the Chocolate Apache but not sure which size would work for me.
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