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Chippewa 20065 Classic Boot

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Just got my pair yesterday, been wearing it all day today. I am normally a size 12 in Nike Dunk's (SB/non-SB), but after reading the LL Bean Katahdin thread I sized down half a size (due to the similarities between the two boots) and they fit PERFECTLY (no slop anywhere, I wore mid-weight merino hiking socks today since it was chilly out and I was perfectly comfortable lengthwise and width wise). Impressions? Amazing, considering I got these for $120 (Bass Pro) and all sizes were readily available (as opposed to the OOS status of the Katahdin's). They didn't require much break in and were comfortable out of the box. One tiny niggle I have is with the LACES. Man, the stock ones are pretty much metal wires due to their wax contents. Rest assured, I have some Wolverine 1000 Mile laces coming, as well as some latigo leather laces (for the record, the stock laces were 54" long, I personally think they could be shorter, you can probably get away with 48" long laces). Due to the Goodyear welt construction, I can easily replace the stock Vibram Gumlite soles when they wear out. Best part of all? Made in the USA!


I was on the edge between these and their 6" Street Engineer (25290) boot, and finally settled on these. The heel lift on the latter is ridiculous due to the extra height of the lugs, and I feel that I can get away with the Stockbridge's design (fairly deep treads IMO) for Canadian winters. One more thing to add, while not cracked, I think these would benefit from some oiling (mink oil perhaps, or some Obenauf LP). Waxing will darken it too much for raw denim IMO, was tempted to Sno-Seal it.






-Height: 6"

-Outsole: Vibram Stockbridge Gumlite

-Midsole: Leather (dual layer at heel and arch area)

-Welt: Goodyear

-Upper/Vamp: Chocolate Bay Apache Leather

-Laces: Waxes 'Sta-tied'




Some pictures:























Link to higher res:




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double post

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Good review. These Chips are without a doubt a great value.
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Thanks fellas, was worried since these are obviously not everyone's cup of tea here since they aren't really high end and such.



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Everyone needs a solid pair of s**tkickers. I love my pair. Though, they're a gateway drug to nicer boots. Watch out!
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Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post

Good review. These Chips are without a doubt a great value.

damn..fuckin' dope boot!!!

But, I went  japanese repair shop is fuckin' bullshit !!!

They are fuckin' expensive and caca poor tech.

Fuckin hell ass.


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Where did you get 1000 mile laces?

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Just putting it out here, I got my 1K laces through a friend, but ask Wolverine and see what they say.



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Slight preference, I actually prefer the traditional Vibram rubber soles over the gumlite, it is grippier.

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Quick fit pic:





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doubletapped again

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What is the opinion on the steel toed version? I have a hard time making up my mind between steel toe or not. Can you see the transition from the toe plate, like on many safety shoes?
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I'd like to hear more about how these handle a Canadian Winter. Might look into these instead of the RW IRs.
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I don't think so, the sample pics Chippewa had up look identical. I also hear they're doing their own branded LL Bean Katadihn boots. They shouldn't be too bad in the winter, the center lugs are deep enough and I am going away for a few weeks anyway lol. Warm weather in Hong Kong, none of this white stuff haha.


I can't decide between flat waxed Wolverine 1K laces or leather:





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You mean they are also bringing out a version with toecap again? I can't find any info on this, could you tell more?
Ifso I could wait a little for it, I prefer toecap.
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