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Fit looks good Zissou, but the sleeves are definitely too short.  Similar to you, I always say it should be between the bone in your wrist and the first knuckle with blazers.  Even second knuckle is fine and probably better with outerwear.  I had to shorten a blazer/coat (outdoor) recently and I was really worried about it.  It had a snap clasp that had to removed and re-sewn on too.  Fortunately the tailor did it perfectly and gave me half off.  As for the body length, it looks fine in the front.  I suspect it is a bit short though.  Without being too forward, I think we'd need to see an arse shot. 

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Digging the indigo idea. Think that's going to be a little more problematical. Rope dyed with natural indigo's going to bleed a whole heck of a lot (as anyone that has decent jeans can tell you). More of the dye gets to the core of the yarn and the saturation effect leads to a better fade but also increased risks of getting dye everywhere. That's why most good jeans, even crazy expensive Japanese denim, isn't rope dyed. Well, that and it's expensive to do. I've a pair that I break out on special occasions (whole deal, old school looms, Zimbabwean cotton, rope dyed natural indigo) and lets just say I've made my mark all over the place.

They look great though!icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Think you can get away with it in pants but never liked the idea of a cloth that bleeds in jackets/shirts. To much of a chance to get wet enough to exasperate the bleed. Maybe some nice scarfs, pants, or a vest? Looking forward to seeing what it turns into.
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Looks very interesting indeed. I like that they are using two different shades of indigo. I think the fabric could be used for jackets just fine, as long as they are lined.

I returned the pea coat and am getting this instead smile.gif

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aah nice. i will definitely be buying some of their knits in the new year. the one i handled was very soft yet really substantial, more so on both counts than my stark.
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their knits seriously look amazing, too bad they don't make XS.
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Originally Posted by Blackmaged View Post

their knits seriously look amazing, too bad they don't make XS.

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Too bad the sleeves on that knit are so short. Would need at least 2.5 inches more in sleeve length on the xl.
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Hello folks

Thanks for the kind words.


We will be introducing XS in most and eventually hopefully all our garments next year.


As for sleeve length — if measured on the outside of the arm from the top shoulder seam, the sleeves on the XL are 27". The measurement on the site is the "inside" of the arm, from the pit. I'll update the website to make that clearer hopefully today.

Any more questions please ask away.



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Thanks for the info about the sleeve length. Now I just need to find some money so I can buy that sweater.
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I'm very much enjoying my new scarf in the cold weather!


Another quality garment from Sarah and Paul at SEH Kelly!



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any chance of a fit pic?
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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

any chance of a fit pic?


Not often I see a request for a fit-pic of a scarf, but here goes :-) In addition the trousers are the SEH Kelly Dark-green Tweed trousers, so a two-for-one here. Sorry the light isn't terrific.



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Love what Paul is doing with SEH Kelly. Doffs cap. I have not as of yet taken the plunge but when XL is in full production, I will be on it.

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Many thanks.
Today we go into the busiest four weeks of the year. We're making garments for Japan SS13 -- the best of which will make its way onto our site over the next few weeks -- and samples for AW13.
On top of that, we have some new lightweight Donegal tweed blazers going into work, the revamped Kelly collar shirt in cotton oxford, and the first of the year's Ventile arrived this morning. All of it is currently on the cutting-room table. Busy.
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Great stuff. Will keep an eye out on the website. 

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