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Hah, yeah, Paul's been pretty great.
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I concur, emailed him and got a reply within the hour, really helpful and friendly. You guys are awesome!

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Just killing me! Darn my 40r chest! Hah
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My peacoat arrived today, and it's a work of art. It fits well all around, but unfortunately I think it is too short on me frown.gif For reference, I Have a 39-40" chest, typically wear a M, and bought the peacoat in large.

Had to white out the funny eyes.

Beautiful, beautiful tweed and horn buttons.
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I think it looks great on you, Zissou. Peacoats are meant to be pretty short!


Also, fact of the day: S.E.H Kelly's peacoat is the second result when you type in peacoat on google images biggrin.gif

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I think the short sleeves would especially drive me a little crazy over time. The length on me is ok for a casual jacket, but not for a coat in my opinion. Even my Mallory has longer sleeves and body. It's a shame, though, since it is such a nice coat. I think it would fit someone who is an average build quite well, not someone tall and skinny like me.
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What's the length of the arms? It's interesting as I think we have similar builds.
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Looks good to me. nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Tadite View Post

What's the length of the arms? It's interesting as I think we have similar builds.
25.75", which, oddly, should be fine for me. I prefer coat sleeves to fall somewhere in between the first and second knuckles of my thumbs, though.
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Doubled checked and that's longer then my Nigel Cabourn Tenzing. Seems be be cut more along the lines of a blazer then a jacket.

Makes me wonder about the ptp. I'm a 39/40r and normally that means 20 - 20.5 inches wide. I measured every jacket, that was fitted, that I own and none are 21 inches ptp like the large. I'm sitting around over thinking sizing! I'm having an existencial crisis over if I'm a medium or a large! Did you need the sweater for fit or is it fine with just a shirt?

Looks great either way. May want to just try a shorter sleeve for a while. If not I think you'd find a market. Goodness I like it!
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I did try it on with a medium weight knit, just to see how it fit. It was just right in the body. When I tried it with just a shirt, the sleeves were a tiny bit longer on my arms.

I measured ptp at 21.25". It is a slightly loose weave tweed, so it has the ability to stretch a little here and there.

For reference, here is robinsongreen's photo. While his was too small in the body, sleeve length seems just right, IMO. Maybe because there is only one inch difference in sleeve length between S and L? puzzled.gif
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Looks very smart, Zissou! Could have been a touch longer in the arms, but all in all it looks really good!



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Is there material in the arms enough that you could get them turned down by a tailor? Other than that is looks really good.

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Coat looks great on you Zissou, and your pictures really show the beautiful quality of the material. I think the sleeves are just about ok but it's a question of preference.
I am surprised they look that short in a large, though. how tall are you?
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It is possible to let the sleeves out about an inch, but I think the body is a little short on me, too. It's an inch or two shorter than almost every other wool or linen jacket that I own. It may be just personal preference, or perhaps it's just not meant to fit my lanky body, and that's ok. I'm planning on passing it along to someone else or returning it. By no means should my fit issues be a knock on the coat- it's very well made and quite beautiful.

RG68- I am 6'2". I think it would work best for someone with a +/-40" chest who is about 5'8'-6' tall.
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