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Screw it, went with the grey one, think it'll match more of my wardrobe! Can't wait for it to be delivered, thought it might take a while to get all the way to Oz!
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Gutted I missed this - in the unlikely event you guys have one returned could you please let me know. I'll throw you an email through the website now.

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Originally Posted by Arizor View Post

Do you think you'll be getting any more stock of the cocoa-charcoal 3-button in Large?


There's an outside chance we will, yes, since we discovered a few more metres of cloth in a forgotten corner of the the factory.


No promises, though; not sure how much is left, and precisely which sizes we'll make from it (if any).


Sorry to be so vague.

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Do you generally get a notification of shipment when ordering via the website? I ordered the blazer late Thursday night and haven't had any notice asides from notification of payment.
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Anyone have an update on the VAT situation?
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Originally Posted by dscoinfiltrator View Post

Anyone have an update on the VAT situation?


Please send an email to and we'll see what we can do. Many thanks.

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This years tweed blazer in grey is incredible! So glad size XS was available and fits me well after all size issues i had in the past. I got last years darker donegal blue-grey version in size S and it sat in my closet
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Pics then!
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Just received mine (size L). Amazing fabric, construction (my girlfriend refuses to believe how cheap these are for the quality), great service from Paul and co.
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Is that the grey as well? And what chest size/height are you?

You look a similar size to me (as far as Its possible to tell from the pic) and the size chart would put me in a medium.
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Yep, grey. Height 6'2, chest measures 40".
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Yeah pretty much same as me then, though from the pic that fits more like a coat than a blazer, and I'd want the latter. Looks like there's a fair bit of room on the chest.
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Take note that I'm wearing a henley tee underneath, not any kind of shirt, so that gives me some extra room in the jacket.

The picture obviously cannot convey the feel of the jacket, but I can tell you if you're a similar frame, that sizing down would be too tight; I would really caution against it. Then again I know the current fashion is to wear everything skin tight, which I'm not really into.

But if you do, good luck to you, and post pics!
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Thanks for your reply - I just checked the shoulder measurements, which would put me in a Large. I think I'll shoot the guys another email as they've been very helpful so far. The fit I'm after is pretty much as it is on their website mannequin, which looks slightly slimmer to me, but I would want a shirt and thin knit underneath - certainly don't want it skin tight! I'm in London next weekend, so might be able to nip in the workshop and try one for size.

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This is really good.

What is the model's chest size and weight? Based on measurements I would be a large but the small is slouchy on him and he's the same height as me, no idea about the fellow's weight and chest spec.
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