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Still a bit confused on the VAT issue since the web bite clearly states that all prices are"inclusive of VAT."

Does anyone have any experience with SEH Kelley shipments to the USA? I would hate to be nailed once for VAT and a second time for US Customs. Thanks for any insights - I agree with prior posters that their products certainly look like great finds.
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It seems that the prices include worldwide shipping, so that definitely helps with the cost. I am seriously thinking about ordering some trousers. Curious about the notch-back tapered trousers which have a waist measurement of 34.5" in the largest size. Do these have any room to let out the waist?
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The shirt is a regular fit, yep. Not fitted. Relaxed. And the body is cut to a length so for most people it may be worn tucked or untucked.
A good accompaniment is the charcoal flecked notch-back trouser at http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/charcoal-grey-flecked-wool-tapered-trouser. (In fact in the photo further down that page you can see a grey version of the semi-cutaway shirt being worn with it.) Because the shirting is soft and particularly thick, robust trouser cloth is always a good counterweight.
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As for VAT -- we're working on it.


We became VAT registered two weeks ago and are making adjustments necessary to be able to deduct VAT for overseas customers.


In the meantime our shipping is always free. Hopefully that ameliorates the situation somewhat.

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The trousers have an in-lay on the waist and seat of just over 0.5".
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Any plans for XS sized stuff? Because based on the measurements S would still be too large for me.
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We actually already make XS for some of the stores we work with in Japan. The plan is to introduce it online and at our workshop before too long.

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Just ordered my dark grey-green wool tapered trousers and grey Donegal wool-cashmere scarf. Very much looking forward to enjoying them in the inclement weather!


Fully expect them to be as wonderful as my Tour jacket and corduroy shirt and trousers.


SEH Kelly is a brand worth following closely (i.e. Twitter and Facebook), as the runs are short and new items are introduced frequently.



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Wow, SEH Kelly are on a roll now... Anyone looking for a truly remarkable jacket will want to take a look at this:





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What a beautiful peacoat, Nick. I'm awfully impressed by the attention to every detail, even the yarn. If there's anything I buy over the next few months, I think it has to come from SEHK.
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That jacket is amazing.
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And only 6 of them made... As close to unique as you can get!



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I've got a few pieces from SEH Kelly and always find the sleeve length just slightly too short to be perfect but long enough to warrant keeping. That peacoat is stunning though and it does seem as if they have increased the sleeve length compared to other jackets of theirs I have purchased when looking at the sizing chart.

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Thank you all for the kind words about the peacoat.

We are increasing the sleeve-length on all of our garments, starting with the peacoat and encompassing all garments in future.

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paul, do the peacoats come up fairly fitted? any chance you could post a pic of one being worn here?
very pleased to see what you guys are coming up with..
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